This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss USA

A Tracy Turnure ( Miss Washington USA ) sort of morning.

Make sure to check back later this afternoon for our Thursday Q & A with Vince from Miller Park Drunk.

Well, new city and new opponent – results the same for the Brewers.  In their game recap, The Brewers Bar says  This Isn’t Macha’s Fault, But He’s Gotta Go   

Disciples of Uecker is throwing in the towel , saying that this season is a lost cause and planning should 2011 should start now.

Brew Town Beat is asking Who Is To Blame For This Brewers Mess?

CHTV has some Packers OTA Surprises Big and Small for your review.

Total Packers has some commentary on Vikings owner Zygi Wilf giving the Minnesota State Legislature an ultimatum of sorts when it comes to a new stadium. 

A nice piece from Ol’ Bag of Donuts about what it’s like to be a Packers fan living outside the US .

Packers Lounge compared Ted Thompson to Colt’s GM Bill Polian .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter looks at Big Ten Expansion and a few other items.

Bucks Brandon Jennings had an appearance on Lopez Tonight , filling in for George Lopez in a game of H-O against Common.

Anonymous Eagle takes a look at Lazar Hayward’s chances in the NBA .

A solid list of Inductees Into the Fictional Athlete Hall of Fame

Public opinion, with a ton of generated via Facebook, got Betty White on SNL to host.  Here are Five More Things Facebook Wants Betty White to Do

Speaking of Facebook, here are the 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on Facebook , thanks to come college friends I have the first on on that list covered.

One person I have vowed will never be a Daybreak Doppler Dame is Megan Fox as I feel she’s overrated beyond all things that are overrated. Here’s another another reason, she’s flat out nuts: 10 Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Date Megan Fox, According to Megan Fox

Oh Good Lord… 25 Best of 2010 Senior Pictures …all together now, ‘I belive the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way’

Pole Dancing Miss USA Rima Fakih vs. Vaulter Stokke: Who’s Hotter?

Well…  - Not sure what you can say about the Brewers right now, although I am leaning towards total agreement with Jack from Disciples of Uecker that it really is time to put a wrap on this and starting looking to the future.  As much as I would really like to think a turn around for the Brewers can happen and it’s not even June yet, I’m hard pressed to see how that will happen.  Doug Melvin, assuming he doesn’t get axed, has some hard choices coming up in the next weeks and months.

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