This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss USA

A Katherine Anna Connors ( Miss Iowa USA ) sort of morning.

Yovani Gallardo provided a solid start and held the Reds to 1 run before handing it to the bullpen…where the results were all too familiar although this time via the arm of Todd Coffey. Here’s a quick review of the game.

The Bucky Channel tries to go the optimistic route, saying At Least We Didn’t Lose at Home Again .

Right Field Bleachers on an ESPN Rumor that Brewers pitcher Chris Capuano may be called up earlier than expected .  At this point, any change to the pitching staff is welcome.

Miller Park Drunk (spoiler: will be our guest for this Thursday Q & A) opens up the mailbag .

Not sure how I feel about this, but the Packers Lead Peter King’s Power Rankings ….it’s either awesome or a sign of the apocalypse, I can’t decide which.

Jersey Al reviews 3 Packers undrafted free agents with a shot at making the final roster, Shawn Gore is my personal favorite of the bunch.

Forgot to mention this yesterday, the latest installment of Packers Therapy is ready and available for your listening pleasure .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts as an All-time Packers 53 man roster, or at least part 1 of it ready .

Bucksketball has the scoop on Paul George , a potential target of the Bucks in the upcoming NBA draft.

I am a acknowledged hater of all things Apple and Mac, so I feel morally compelled to post this link even with the potential NSFW content on the site ( 16 Amusing Windows Fanboys vs Mac Fanboys Examples.

The World Cup will be taking place this Summer and supposedly 51% Of Englishmen Would Pass On Nailing Cheryl Cole If It Meant Winning World Cup .

Alright, not even 24 hours since she was crowned and the new Miss USA has a story and photos out about her winning a Stripper 101 contest !

Speaking of the Miss USA pageant, here’s a link to the most important part of it – the bikini contest .

8 Superpowers That Would Make Everyday Life Awesome , hmmm…if I only could pick one it would be  toss up I think between the Telekinesis and Shape-shifting.

Many of the usual suspects (flying cars, teleportation) in this list of  5 Things Your Parents Thought Would Exist By Now

10 Hot Chicks Your Girlfriends Want You To Fantasize About

Who Shoots at Lambeau? – I’m sure you’ve all heard about the bullet holes found in the Lambeau Field Atrium by now.  The whole thing seems odd, not just because it’s Green Bay and generally this sort of thing doesn’t happen here in the first place but Lambeau?  Of course the speculation has run wild – people wondering if there was Favre family in town to a distressed runner from the marathon that happened over the weekend.  All kidding aside though is the most disturbing aspect of this is that Lambeau sits pretty much smack dab in the middle of a residential area.  It was more likely than not some dumb, possibly drunk, kids trying to make a name for themselves but if Lambeau isn’t safe from this sort of thing, what is?

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  • Safford and Son

    Ironic that the new miss usa is an arab and has a nice camel toe.