This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss USA

A Gina Cerilli (Miss Pennsylvania USA) sort of morning.

The Brewers were swept again this weekend by the Phillies and thankfully leave what used to be the favorable confines of Miller Park.  Brew Crew Ball has your game recap for you this morning .

Disciples of Uecker has some thoughts on Pat Burrell and MLB Organizations.

The Bucky Channel has more on the woeful Brewers season this far, saying Rock Bottom Came Early This Season .

Cheesehead TV has a piece on Packers TE Jermichael Finley on the heels of Greg Bedard’s article on the same player.

Acme Packing Company on Aaron Rodgers and the injuries he played with last season .

James Jones has some thoughts in regards to the DROY re-voting  that happened last week, via

Alex from Packers Lounge pens a letter to Will Blackmon , hoping to land on a spot as the Packer player’s personal PR Assistant.

Guest writer on Jersey Al’s Packer Blog, Thomas Hobbes looks at Green Bay Packers 2010 Draft Through the Evil Blue Eyes of a Cowboy breaks down the 09/10 Bucks season with the help of Synergy Sports .

Over the weekend, the first Arab American (from Michigan of all places) was crowned Miss USA .

So which will be the bigger sports story this summer: Favre coming back or not or where LeBron goes?  I’m thinking LeBron and the Sports Pickle is helping out: Cleveland’s Desperate Billboard Campaign to Keep Lebron

Here’s our public service announcement of the day: A History Of The Wet T-Shirt Contest

9 Signs That Prove God Has A Sense Of Humor (Or Doesn’t Understand Irony)

We talked last week about how the ‘Field of Dreams’ ball park/diamond was for sale, with me calling the movie my favorite baseball movie of all time.  To off set that, here are The 25 Worst Sports Movies of the Last 25 Years

The 20 Hottest Girls That Are Smarter Than You

Hitting the Road  - The Brewers will be heading out of town, which beyond all belief this year has been a better place for them to play.  They’ll have three against the Reds, two against the Pirates and then a weekend series against the Twins.  My biggest question is who will be coming back from this trip, namely whether or not Ken Macha will still be around.  You can’t tell me things aren’t heating up on Macha and if the Brewers stumble on this road trip, where at least they were winning, it would not surprise me to see someone other than Macha managing the team for the rest of the season.

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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    The only way Macha gets capped this early in the year is if Mark Attanasio pressures Doug Melvin to do so. Because once Macha is gone, the focus will be exclusively on Melvin himself.