This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Sci-Fi women.

A Natasha Henstridge (Sil – Species) sort of morning.

Going to lead off with this just to be different but if I had the means, I would definitely buy the Field of Dreams .  To me, Field of Dreams is hands down the best baseball-themed movie around. 

No Brewers game yesterday, good for fans as much as the bullpen it would seem of late.  To pass the time, Brew Crew Ball took a look at the uniform trends of the Brewers , also breaking it down by games won/loss based on wear.

The Brewers Bar makes the correlation between bad defense, extended innings, shorter starter outings and a depleted bullpen …well, that actually sums everything up pretty nicely.

To cheer us up from the Brewers recent sweeping, Miller Park Drunk let’s us know why he loves the 70′s .

Tonight the Brewers are back in action as the Phillies come into town.  Beyond the obvious reasons, Confessions of a Sports Addict has Another Reason to Hate Philly: Cheaters .

I missed this yesterday, but the Wisconsin Sports Tap has a Brewers Farm Report for you.

Echoing something I said earlier this week, Disciples of Uecker is thinking it’s Time For Trevor To Retire .

Bernie’s Crew mulls over the possibilities of, should things continue the way they are for the Brewers, going into a rebuilding/reloading mode yet this year .

PackersLounge chimes in on the DROY fiasco.

Holly from decides to pen a few missives to Brian Westbrook, JaMarcus Russell and others .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has some Badger news, info, updates….tidbits?

I know that some of these Five Unrealistic Rules That Would Make Inter-Family Relationships Way Smoother wouldn’t definitely make things easier in my extended family.

Seriously, is there any one of these 20 Fictional Gadgets you wouldn’t want to have?  If I had to pick one, I would probably have to go with the Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver.  I know, the Holodeck would be awesome but I would never leave it.

Early this week we linked to the Maxim Hot 100 of 2010, here are some quality substitutions for a few of the picks .

I used to coach high school volleyball, so tried to see where I fit into in this list of 6 types of coaches .  I’m thinking I was a combo players/win at all costs coach…the parents of the girls I didn’t play probably thought I was the F^&%ing Moron type.

Getting married sometime soon?  Thinking of popping the question but not sure what next?  Our public service announcement for today is How to Pull Off The Ultimate Dude Wedding .

6 TV Badasses to Have a Drink With

And lastly, these three words…er…four actually: Brooklyn Decker – Cartwheels – Bikini , nuff said.

Friday Ramblings  – Contrary to what I’ve been saying here of late, I simply can’t believe that the Brewers are as bad as their record has them.  I’m not saying they are a playoff caliber team but I do think they are at least a 500 team. :: The whole DROY debate this past week, have to laugh because whether it be in blog comments, forums or sports radio people keep blaming the NFL for the re-vite and what not.  The funny part is that NFL has nothing to do with the DROY, it’s the Associated Press and was their call to re-vote.  If people want to rail on someone, go nail the AP…first time I think I have ever defended the NFL as an organization. :: Chris Capuano pitched 8 scoreless yesterday in Nashville, I hope that keeps up and we can see him called up.  As someone said, perhaps on Twitter, the anti-Doug Davis. :: Ahh Wisconsin…last weekend we had snow this weekend near 70 degrees.

That’s all for this week folks, go outside this weekend and make up last and we’ll see you here on Monday.

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  • Chris

    Totally with you on Field of Dreams — Best Baseball Movie Ever…

    …and the field is pretty cool, too. It located near Dyersville, IA, just a short detour off US-151 in the NE part of the state. In fact, it’s only about 25 miles from the WI state line.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    As much as I like ‘Field of Dreams’, I find myself partial to ‘The Natural’, even though the ending diverged from the book. For some reason, that movie holds up for me more than FOD.

    And an honorable mention should go to John Sayles’ excellent “Eight Men Out”.