This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Sci-Fi women.

A Victoria Pratt (Sarge – Cleopatra 2525) sort of morning.

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Well, that sucked.  The Brewers were swept by the Braves yesterday afternoon and to say the natives are getting restless when it comes to a certain closer may be an understatement.  More on that below but here’s your recap for what it’s worth .

The View From Bernie’s Chalet sums it pretty well here: Embarrassing.

If there has been one bright spot this Brewers season so far it has been Casey McGehee.  Miller Park Drunk wonders where we would be without him

Congratulations to the Green Bay Gambler’s Hockey Team that won the Clark Cup (USHL Championship).

We touched on this yesterday and the result result of the re-vote for the NFL DROY  was the same with Brian Cushing winning it again. CM3 had a great tweet here after the results where posted.

As was announced yesterday, Packers O-Lineman T.J. Lang underwent wrist surgery on April 5 which means he’ll miss some OTA action while it heals.  Total Packers things this may hurt his chances to garner a starting slot this year . has some ramblings on Wisconsin’s perpetual love affair with the Green Bay Packers .

Bucksketball has a nice preview of the upcoming NBA free agency period as it relates to the Bucks.

Brewed Sports has a…oh…let’s call it analysis of a recent ESPN Chat with Joe Morgan .

Here’s a note from a teacher  that you probably won’t want to see come home with your kid. 

The Maxim Hot 100 came out early this week but not to be outdone, Victoria’s Secret has their own list,  2010 What Is Sexy? List .  All in all, pretty solid choices.

As Congress debates the nomination of Elena Kagen to take over the vacant spot on the Supreme Court, we can debate these 5 Qualified Supreme Court Candidates from the Sports World

Our public service announcement for today is  What NOT To Do At An Orgy …some tips I’m sure I will never need to heed so here’s to living vicariously through others.

10 Actors Who Have Been Phoning It In , not a single one in there I could argue with.

The 5 Most Half Assed Apologies for Historic Crimes …um….National Sorry Day in Australia?

Who to turn to – I was actually at the Doctor’s office during the 9th inning but as I waited I had MLB At Bat up on Blackberry, watching the pitch by pitch crapiness that has become Trevor Hoffman’s modus operandi.  As @BrewCrewBabe tweeted , he’s given up runs in the last 8 of his 12 appearances.  I have said in this space before I am eternal sports optimist but my faith in Hoffman is failing fast.  I want to believe, I really really do, that he’ll turn things around but I just ain’t seeing it.  Problem is, who do you go to if that decision is made?  I unfortunately have no idea.

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