This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Sci-Fi women.

A Katee Sackhoff (Kara “Starbuck” Thrace – Battlestar Galactica) sort of morning.

Well, if you can say one thing about the Brewers this year, they sure are hospitable hosts.  Last night the Brewers dropped one to the Braves 11-3, bringing their home record to 4-10 with only one home season series win.  Brew Crew Ball has some recap notes for you .

Total Packers has some comments on the potential hold out of Packers Safety Atari Bigby .  As far as I am concerned, based on what I have seen, read and heard about rookie Morgan Burnett, Bigby can hold out as long as he wants as I really don’t think that come the opening game he’ll be starting anyway.

This will be all the talk today as the ballots have to be cast by 11 am (EST I am guessing): CM3 getting another shot at the DROY .

Globalpack on ponders how the  legalization of mariajuna in California & the NFL’s substance abuse policy .

From the Bleacher Report – The 10 NFL Coaches Without a Ring , McCarthy makes the list but then so does Childress so the whole thing is suspect now.

According to Bucks Brandon Jennings on an interview with Jim Rome, Milwaukee reminds him alot of Italy . has 46 numbers to review on the Bucks past season.

Some Big Ten expansion talk, now with rumors of adding 5 teams .

More on Big Ten expansion from Anonymous Eagle here .

The final episode of Lost leaked?  No, not really, but funny none the less.

This would never fly in my house, but in case anyone needs this info, you have it now: How to Operate a Strip Club Out of Your Living Room

This is a trip down memory lane:  15 Firsts In Video Game History

The Past Decade’s Most Irritating Human Spokes People , no love for Flo from Progressive here.

Hottest Female Actions Stars: Who Got In The Best Shape?

Savior of the Pitching Staff? – Here is my disclaimer off the bat: This is a reach beyond all reaches and based on personal of a player who is working his ass off to get back to the Majors.  That player would be newly promoted to Triple A pitcher Chris Capuano.  After two Tommy John surgeries Capuano is trying to get back the the big team and if all progresses well I would welcome him into the Brewers starting rotation no questions asked.  Like I said above, a lot of this is just my personal opinion and memories of a more than adequate pitcher a few years back.  We’ll see how Capuano does in Nashville but if he proves himself, could he be the shot in the arm the starting rotation needs? Perhaps not but at this point it would at least be a very good story.

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  • Chris

    Word is that Cappy’s fast ball is in the mid-80s these days (as opposed to the upper 80s before his second TJ surgery). Unless he has become an other-worldly magician, that is going to be Suppanesque raw meat for MLB hitters. So I am not too optimistic about CC returning and helping the Crew’s staff.

  • klwillis45

    As long as there’s still enough speed differential between his best pitch, the changeup, & his fastball he’s got a shot.

    Soup sucks because he can’t locate his crap.
    And his crap is all about the same speed with little movement.