This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Sci-Fi women.

A Kristanna Loken (T-X ‘Terminatrix’ in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines ) sort of morning.

What appeared to be a close game ended quickly as Brewers pitcher Doug Davis faded fast in the 6th and Manny Parra reverted to form, pretty much sealing a Braves victory.  Disciples of Uecker has your recap and game notes .  If there is a silver lining, at least Tommy Hanson is on my fantasy team.

The Bucky Channel has more on the game, including some injury concerns & notes on the home vs road record .

Acme Packing Company compares 2005 (Thompson’s first year as GM) to 2010 and asks, Are We In Better Shape?

Total Packers on Packers rookie C.J. Wilson: Hi, I’m C.J. Wilson And I’m Pissed! , that title was too good not to use verbatim vs. my usual excuse of just being lazy.

Bucksketball marches on with their 2010 Haiku Review, this time the Guards are the topic .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts ponders the question: If there were no Packers, who would I root for?

Some Badgers basketball recruiting and offers news from Hoops Marinara.

Of course the ‘big’ news, and I say ‘big’ because it was the only news out of 1265 Lambeau yesterday, was that Darren Colledge signed his tender.  A lot has been made as to whether or not Colledge will remain a Packer this year, but in an interview with Brian Carriveau Packers radio color man Larry McCarren doesn’t think a trade was on the near horizon , but of course wouldn’t rule it out either.

Last night’s performance by Davis and Parra was cause to make a person a drink.  In case you did decide to drown your sorrows, don’t use one of these hangover remedies .

The Big Lead thinks Tiger Woods should just call it a year , take care of some other…shall we say issues, and come back full steam in 2011. 

Neglected to mention anything about Oakland’s Dallas Braden’s perfect game, so to make up for it here are 5 things in baseball that are more rare than a perfect game .

Beavers in Canada have built a dam that is 2,788 feet .

The saga of Kenny “K-Strauss” Strasser , who recently has snowballed a bunch of Wisconsin TV stations into thinking he’s a yo-yo champion/trick master.

6 Absurd Gender Stereotypes (That Science Says Are True)

The Maxim 2010 Hot 100 is here, and there was much rejoicing.

Wow, talk about a bad day….dude shoots himself in the groin and then gets convicted for it .

Spoke Too Soon – Never fails, I go and say some positive things about the Brewers and that perhaps their worst was behind them & then we have last night’s 6th inning.  Would it be wise just to pull Davis in the 5th every game?  And Manny…I was about to start thinking all was well with you and you had found ‘yourself’ in the bullpen. I can handle a loss, it’s going to happen but when 6 runs are surrendered in one inning it’s a little hard to keep up the positivity. At least we got to see that entertaining keystone cops routine by the Braves on that Fielder pop-up in the 4th.

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