This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, ‘Moms’.

A Heidi Klum sort of morning.

A late inning surge by the Brewers got them back in the game, but LaTroy Hawkins took them right out of it.  Anything worse than giving up a walk-off grand slam?  I suppose walking in the winning run would qualify. BrewCrewBall has more on the game for you .

The Bucky Channel has more on last nights Brewers game with Winks saying Hawkins killed his buzz

In the good news category related to the Brewers Bob Uecker was released from hospital yesterday .

Total Packers wonders who will be the odd man out when it comes to the Packers tight ends this year.

OL’ Bag of Donuts has a followup to their posts about fans & athletes and ponders the question: What if Big Ben were a Packer?

Miller Park Drunk has a new LOLBREWERS post, the I Love LA edition.

John from interviewed Mike Alberts who coached against new Packer Bryan Bulaga’s high school team , fun read to say the least.

On the heels of the Ol’ Bag of Donuts piece I linked to yesterday about fans & athletes, I figured this is apropos: The Top 20 Most Embarrassing Athlete Photos

In honor…not sure that’s the right turn of phrase here, Lawrence Taylor’s arrest, we have The NFL All-Crime Team .

Betty White, on the wings of popular support, will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.  Here is the ‘official’ Betty White aging timeline , could have done without the nudie playing card though.

This takes nerdiness and Star Wars fandom to a new level, a pregnancy announcement using a Star Wars video mash-up .  Nerdy or not, it’s pretty friggin cool.

Ahh yes, have been trapped by more than one of these on this list: 7 Total Chick Flicks Disguised As Guy Movies

How could a Hooters sponsoring an under-16 youth team be bad?  I just don’t understand…I personally would have no problem with the Tilted Kilt sponsoring my son’s 5-6 year old pee-wee baseball team. 

10 Videos of Actors Doing Impressions of Other Actors including Matt Damon as Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Spacey as….everyone.

The Boombox , then and now.

Things That Can Make You Feel Like an Idiot Almost Instantly

Random Ramblings – Thanks to everyone who took the time to check out our new Thursday Q & A feature, we’ll have a new interview up next week for your reading pleasure. ::  Anyone else really hate West Coast Brewers swings?  As much as I love East Coast games, West Coast games are just brutal, I feel so detached from the team. It’s like waking up on Christmas and wondering whether you got coal or a toy. :: Mother’s Day is this Sunday so if your Mom isn’t close enough to visit, make sure to get on the horn and thank her for making sure you got to this point in your life.

Everyone have a great weekend, try not to let the snow (2-4 inches in N. WI!?!?) get you down and we’ll see you here on Monday.

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