This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, ‘Moms’.

A Salma Hayek sort of morning.

If you stayed up, well…wouldn’t need to stay up too late as most of happened in the 2nd, you got to see the Brewers bats get back on track, beating the Dodgers 11-6.  I was talking with my neighbor this weekend and we both said the same thing, it’s either double digit runs or nothing for the Brewers right now.  The Brewers Bar has some recap info for you .

Courtesy of the Badgers Blog  on JSOnline, this great story about a wayward football helmet being returned to its owner over 40 years later.

Packers Lounge has their 2010 Packers pre-season Suck List up .

Where there is smoke there is fire?  or maybe firing?  Both Brewed Sports  and Brew Crew Ball  have some info on the rumor of Ken Macha being on the chopping block.

Disciples of Uecker continues their ‘Issues’ series with the second installment: On The Field .

Greg Jennings will be making his acting debut tonight on Criminal Minds .  Can’t be any worse than Favre & Holmgren in that Reggie White flick , can it?

Oh sure…why not, lets breakout some Spring  NFC North predictions  

While it really is too early to try and predict NFL records and standings, it’s never to early to start looking at Fantasy Football.  Here is a list of 15 NFL rookies that could make an impact for you team.

Miller Park Drunk tries to cheer everyone up with 5 Reasons the Brewers start is possibly maybe not that bad.

A Brief History of Wiffle Ball

I spent 7 years in the restaurant business from food server to General Manager, it’s actually the reason I live in Green Bay today, so I can attest first hand that this may be the most accurate list I have ever posted: The Five Most Annoying Types of Restaurant Customers.  

From my past occupation to my current one, this is a pretty good list of things Hollywood thinks computers can do

I couldn’t embellish this title to make it funnier even if I wanted to:  Senator Surfs The Web During Debate

Because really, who doesn’t like Fruit Loops post-coitus: After Employing Lame Pick-Up Line And A Night Of Banging, Tiger Would Get His Froot Loops On

The 20 Best ‘Shit my Dad Says’ Quotes , “Pressure?  Get married when you want.  Your wedding’s just one more day in my life I can’t wear sweat pants.”

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