This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, ‘Moms’.

A Stacey Dash sort of morning.

As most predicted but many hoped not, the Hawks beat the Bucks yesterday afternoon 95-74, winning the series and ending the Bucks season.  Brew Hoop has your recap and asks whether the glass is half full or half empty ?

Bucketsketball begins their season ending review of the team, in haiku form and starting with the Centers .

The Bucky Channel takes a broader view of the Bucks season , as well as some final thoughts on Game 7.

The Brewers unfortunately didn’t fare much better than the Bucks this weekend, shut again against the Padres yesterday.  The Brewers Bar has your recap of yesterday’s game , if you care that is.

Disciples of Uecker looks at the season thus far and has some cause for hope , no matter how unlikely it may be.

Aaron over at CHTV says, and he’s right, that the future of the running game in Green Bay is contingent on the O-Line, and may not really take off until the old guard of Clifton, Tauscher & Wells transitions to the new guard of Bulaga, Lang & Spitz .

C.D. from Tundra Vision has some Random Thoughts on the Packers, Ted Thompson and the new rookies.

Jersey Al took some time over the weekend to look at the Packers roster, specifically the bottom half of it.

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has some general UW tidbits and news  for your reading pleasure, including the appeal of the Big Ten rule which should allow Ben Brust to join the Badger hoops team this season.

Cracked Sidewalks on Wesley Matthews and other MU NBA players .

The Top 10 Legendary Warriors  of all time.  Fun trivia fact, I did my high school Junior theme paper on Genghis Kahn, got a B+ I think….alright, I guess there wasn’t anything fun about that fact but you would have to agree with me it was trivial.

Solid list of rules for being a true sports fan , for us ‘true’ Packer fans number 5 is particularly pertinent: Even if your favorite player is traded away/signs elsewhere as a free agent, you cannot start supporting his/her new team.

The Biggest Fringe Sporting Events , not sure you could consider The Masters as fringe but the rest are in contention.

The 6 Greatest Movie Villains We Just Forgot About

The title of this seems like an oxymoron but oh well:  20 Truly Successful Reality Stars

We Feared the Deer  - Despite the loss at the Bradley Center and the exit yesterday, the Bucks year was simply inspiring, amazing and astounding.  This was a team most people had set to win perhaps 20 – 30 games and not even get within a whisper of the playoffs.  You can praise pretty much everyone involved with this team, from top to bottom it was a great, unexpected year.  For the first time in…maybe forever, I will be paying attention to what happens in the off-season for the Bucks and see what Hammonds can do to keep a team that is on the rise intact and competitive for years to come.

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