This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is ‘The Wonderful World of Oz – Women from Australia’.

An Emily Scott (from Canberra, Australia) sort of morning.

The first game of the Brewers West Coast swing ended with a shutout, and not the the good kind as the Padres hung 9 on the ‘Crew.  Brew Crew Ball has your dismal recap this morning .

The Bucky Channel sums the game up nicely with the first couple sentences of this piece, ” Doug Davis pitched four innings, and Jeff Suppan pitched four innings. How do you think the Brewers did?

On to, I hope, happy thoughts and Bucks game tonight. Brew Hoops touches on how the Bradley Center will be a factor for the game tonight, beyond the normal home court advantage. 

Courtside Analyst provides a history in Milwaukee Bucks Game 6′s .

Brew Town Beat take a look at the future and how to keep the Bucks momentum, relevancy and the resurgant interest in the team going after the playoffs are over.

Rumors & Rants on Trevor Hoffman, saying what I think we all may be feeling right now: We Love You But It Might Be Time To Hang Em Up

Seeing as Bob Uecker will be undergoing surgery today, and we wish him only the best when it comes to that, enjoy this photo gallery of classic Uecker moments .

Milwaukee’s own & MLB TV star, Trenni Kusnierek on the Bob Uecker, baseball & his DL stint this summer.

One more ‘ode to Uecker’ post from Viva Cerveceros .  I was going to use Uecker as my sign off bit, but I couldn’t say anything better than these two pieces already have.

The newest installment of Packers Therapy is ready and waiting for you listening enjoyment.

Alex from the Packers Lounge takes umbrage with the Journal Sentinel and Rob Reischel .

Excellent read here on being a Packer fan in a foreign…er….non-Wisconsin land .

Aaron over at CHTV is, to put it mildly, not in favor of the Packers taking a look at, much less bringing in Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones.

Bango Buck’s monster dunk from Monday night got a ton of play on the Interwebs, I’m still amazed every time I see it.  So in honor of it, The 10 Most Awesome Mascot Dunks Of All Time

In some rare Badger’s hoops news, UW recruit Devon Hodges has decommited to the program.  I don’t take this news as an indictment of Bo Ryan’s program as much as I do the fact that recruiting and then getting verbal commitments from High School sophomores and juniors is just asking for this sort of thing to happen.

18 Hilarious Photobombs …’hilarious’ may be pushing it but all are definitely amusing.

Disneyland, the land of communal employee underwear & feral cats, let’s go kids! 6 True Stories About Disneyland They Don’t Want You to Know

Maxim Hometown Hotties, the Kentucky Derby Edition

Optimism Taking a Beating – I’ve said this before, but in most things in life I have a rather cynical outlook.  I figure if you prepare for the worst and it doesn’t happen, well then you’re not set up for disappointment. This is also lends itself well to my other philisophy of sarcasm as a way of life, not just a rhetorical device.  There is one area where that philosophy doesn’t apply (the cynical one, sarcasm belongs everywhere) and that is when it comes to the teams I root for.  When it comes to that I am the eternal optimist.  Down by 2 TDs with 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter?  We can do it. Behind 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th?  One swing of the bat can fix that.  However, the Brewers are making it awful tough for me right now to maintain any level of optimism when it comes to them.  I hope the old argument of it being early and things can turn around comes true for the ‘Crew, otherwise it could be a very long Summer.  Thank God for the Bucks though right now, keeping my sports optimism alive at least for one more day.

Everyone enjoy the Bucks game tonight, have a great weekend (warm for once!) and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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