This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is ‘The Wonderful World of Oz – Women from Australia’.

An Isla Fisher (from Perth, Australia) sort of morning.

Ok, so after getting swept by the Cubs and a thoroughly pathetic offensive performance, last night the Brewers hang 17 on the Pirates.  As Disciples of Uecker say in their recap, it really does defy logic .

Yesterday I expressed my euphoria with Jeff Suppan getting sent to the bullpen.  The Brewers Bar though questions the decision though to replace him in the starting line-up with Chris Narveson .

Also last night, the Bucks tied up the series with Atlanta, winning 111-104. Bob Boozer Jinx has your recap, extolling the virtues of Brandon Jennings .

The Bucky Channel has more on the Bucks win , perhaps being overly optimistic and expecting the Bucks to win on the road and move on.

Yesterday the Phillies signed 1B Ryan Howard to a monster contract.  Brewed Sports says, and I have to agree with them, the Stupid Phillies May Make Prince Unsignable

I heard rumblings of this during the weekend and now is touching on the possibilities of Marshawn Lynch becoming a Packer

The 10 Best Value Picks from this past weekends NFL Draft

Acme Packing Company chimes in on the Packers 2010 Draft and grades it out.

I figured it was a public service..nay, a moral imperative to post this link of the Victoria’s Secret Hall of Fame .

The 5 Worst Deaths Written for Great Characters (And Why)

Miller Park Drunk opens the mailbag, part 1 & part 2 .

Pocket Doppler isn’t just about sports and attractive women, it’s also about helping our readers.  In that vein, I give you 7 tips to getting a second date.

The Top 25 Mascot Moments

Yesterday it was brought up that Ben Roethlisberger’s recent actions have been caused by head trauma received playing football.  Yeah…I’m gonna pass on that one and say it’s actually because he’s an ass, I would not be alone: This Week In ‘Grasping At Straws To Justify Roethlisberger’s Boorish Behavior…’

A look back at the NFL draft class of 2010 , circa 2020.

The 9 Countries With The Worst Beer In The World

This seems like a lot of work, but would also pretty cool: The Coke Bottle Cheat Sheet .

Solid list here: 11 Worst Places to Be Hung Over.

Having a team’s number - Still shaking my head a little bit about the 17-3 win by the Brewers yesterday. That’s a cumulative score of 51-4 so far this year when it comes to Brewers/Pirates games, which is pretty amazing.  I do believe that is such a thing as ‘having another team’s number’ as it relates to playing them and how they play you.  Obviously so far the Brewers are all over the Pirates, but I would also say the Cubs defintely seem to have the Brewers number.  Now, I understand that the Cubs are a much more solid team than the Pirates but not so much better than the Brewers what they should be sweeping them at home.  Time will tell as the season unfolds if the Brewers can learn how to play not only the bad teams, but the good ones too, but I will still take a win over any team any night or day.

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