This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is ‘2010 Top 5 Draft Picks’.

A Michaela Hagerty (who attended & cheered for Oklahoma State & Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State to the Redskins with pick #4) sort of morning.

Yovani Gallardo finally had the night we were all waiting for him to have as the Brewers shut out the Pirates 8 – 0 last night.  It was a boost for the team and more likely than not a bigger boost for Yo to get some much needed confidence back.  Disciples of Uecker has your recap here .

Up until last night Dave Bush was the Brewers only pitcher worth his salt.  Viva Cerveceros has more on the underated Brewers Pitcher .

Trying to find the ‘good’ from the Bucks lose on Tuesday .

Bucksketball has a piece on Brandon Jennings and his penchant for going to the hoop southpaw style.

The Effect of Moving the NFL Draft to Prime Time

Good question: When did everyone become an NFL Draft Expert?

Seeing as many of you, if not most, are frequent blog and forum visitors and commenters, you should all be familiar with the concept of the Internet Troll.  Here’s a handy guide to the 4 Levels of Internet Trolling .

The 7 Coolest “How It’s Made” Factory Tours , I don’t know about the Jelly Belly’s but the rest are pretty good.

I’ve always wondered why anyone would need the ‘Unattended Children’ sign in the first place.  If you’re that crappy of a parent in the first place to need a sigh to tell you to keep an eye on your kids when out why are you even taking them outside of the house, much less having kids in the first place.  It’s for these people that these signs exist I guess:   14 Amusing Unattended Children Warning Signs

A History of Superfans …Twilight fans are called Twihards?  Geez, being a Trekkie/Star Wars geek doesn’t sound so bad now.

Part three of BroBible’s list of  top 200 must-have movies for every man cave .

The 6 Most Baffling Things Every TV Ad Assumes Are True, these things are assumed because for the most part consumers are stupid.

Let’s go Drafting:

What I think will happen – Alright, it’s Draft day…or at least Day 1.  I’ll keep my well known (I hate it) thoughts on the new format to myself for just once.  I think, as much as I would really want to see it, the Packers do not trade up.  Two years in a row is just too much to expect and too out of character for Ted Thompson.  Looking at what is there at pick #23, I think the Packers GM eschews the needs of an OT and goes defense, primarily a safety named Taylor Mays from USC.  If that happens, I wouldn’t be unhappy and do believe it would provide a tangible improvement to the Packers secondary.

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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Personally, I hope they stay away from Mays and Campbell. I’d like to see Hughes end up with the Pack. They need someone opposite Matthews, Jr. to pressure the QB.