This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is ‘2010 Top 5 Draft Picks’.

An Olivia Munn (born in and attended Oklahoma & Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma to the Bucs with pick #3) sort of morning.

Today is Secretary’s Day, so leading off is this list of the 9 Sexiest Secretaries .  Things were going pretty good till I got to the last one and then I wanted to throw up.

The Bucks will limp out of Atlanta two games down in the first round of the playoffs, losing last night 96 to 86.  BrewHoop has a recap and as they say, heading back to the Bradley Center couldn’t come soon enough.  Only problem is, I’m not sure it will really help that much.

The Bucky Channel has their take on the Bucks/Hawks game as well.

While one Milwaukee team was losing on the road, another was winning with the Brewers jumping out early and staying there.  You can read all about it here from The Brewers Bar .

In other Brewers news, minor league catcher Jonathan Lucroy was called up to Triple-A Nashville . I would say we see Lucroy replacing on of the big league club’s catchers by mid-summer, especially if Zaun continues his abysmal play.

Disciples of Uecker gets you get caught up on the Brewers farm scene with their Minor League Notes .

The KFC Double-down, still need to try one of these just to say I have, is actually better for you than many fast food alternatives, including salads.

Part two of BroBible’s list of  top 200 must-have movies for every man cave .

So yesterday was 4-20, which of course is the unofficial holiday of pot smokers everywhere and myself being out of college for awhile now forgot the significance of the date until this morning while looking for links.  To make up for it, here you go: The 10 Sexiest Celebirty Stoner Girls

25 Great Moments in Trick Photography

And here I thought we were on good terms with Canadians, would appear not so .

More than you perhaps would ever want to know about Mel Kiper .

The 10 worst wives and girlfriends in literature

Railbird Central’s first glance at the 2010 Packers Schedule

Not be out done, Ol Bag of Donuts chimes in as well on the schedule .

The 50 Biggest Screw-Ups in Sports History

Let’s go Drafting:

Bringing Sexy Back – If there’s one thing you can take away from the schedule is that the Packers are back to being media darlings, what with 4 prime time games. The season starts off OK then there is a tough stretch with the Jets & Cowboys with both of those games bracketed by the Vikings.  Little early to make predictions on this as tomorrow night may change a lot of things, especially if the rumored trade up scenario actually occurs.  If anything, having the schedule out is only a reminder that we only have 4 more months of non-football games.

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