This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is ‘Hot TV Doctors’.

A Parminder Nagra (formerly Dr. Neela Rasgotra on ER) sort of morning.

Seems right to start with this I suppose: 10 Arguments Against Paying Taxes (That Won’t Work)

Listening to the Brewer game yesterday afternoon going into the 8th inning I was feeling pretty good.  A win against the Cubs, back to .500, all good things.  Enter LaTroy Hawkins.  I can’t agree more with the  recap by The Brewers Bar here  though, as much as it would be easy to blame Hawkins for this Macha is the one who blew it.

And of course, limping out to the mound today to start is Jeff Suppan, which is just the most inconceivable thing in the world to me.  The only good that can come out of this is that Suppan pitches like expected, meaning horribly, and the Brewers brass comes to its senses and gives that 5 spot to either Narveson or (gasp) Parra.  Brew Crew Ball has some more on this very topic .

The Bucks beat the Celtics last night in a somewhat meaningless game in Boston.  Brew Hoop has your recap .

The Bucks have settled into the 6th seed in the playoffs, still nice to type that no matter what, and have a date with Atlanta this week.  Bucksketball starts looking at the match-up.

The 7 Events You Should Avoid At All Costs

In honor of the return of Glee, Miller Park Drunk has 5 songs he wants to see the Brewers breaking out into song to sing

The Onion Sports Network was picked up Comedy Central makes a case, or is it plea, for making a run at Ted Ginn .

er…. Pregnant-Mare Urine and Other Crazy Things Used to Make Prescription Drugs

Favre bought his teammates who showed up for off-season workouts Wranglers , vs showing up for them himself.

If Sarah Palin were President , start click on various things in the Oval Office, best time waster you’ll find all day.

Five Facebook Rules to Live By

The 7 Kids on Every Youth Sports Team , up until last year when my son started pee-wee baseball, I would have just laughed at some of these.  Now I’m nodding my head in agreement.

Rattler Radio has What My Gut Tells Me on the T-Rats lost yesterday.

The NFL Draft is only a week away… and I find myself really not caring.  The ‘old’ draft weekend format was something I looked forward to and relished each year.  Would have some friends over, we’d have a draft pool and then speculate and argue over each and every pick.  It was a weekend during the Spring where you could get excited about football for a short time before the long summer.  This whole spread the draft over 3 days deal is ridiculous. I will go on record saying I hope it fails miserably from the stand point of making money, which is the only reason it was done, so we can go back to the way it was.   Can we bring back Paul Tagliabue?

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  • burniebrewer

    –I was having a great day until the 8th inning yesterday. I don’t know what Macha was thinking, but he blew it.

    –Congrats to the Bucks on a great season. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I cared about them coming in to the season, but they made me care a little. NBA is still at the bottom for me.

    –On the other hand…NHL Playoffs started last night with three road teams winning. (Phoenix was the only home team to win.) I will be watching these playoffs every night…

    –One facebook rule to live by: Don’t sign up for it. I haven’t.

    –Go Suppan. Avoid the sweep.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Best line from “7 Kids…..” on the Rich Kid:
    “Where He is Now: ‘He’s at Duke majoring in business and minoring in racism.’”