This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is ‘Hot TV Doctors’.

A Katherine Heigl (formerly Dr. Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy) sort of morning.

Not exactly a stellar day for Wisconsin sports teams here yesterday.   We’ll lead off with the Bucks, losing last night to the Hawks and perhaps setting themselves up for a rematch against that very team.  BrewHoops has more on that very topic here  as the Bucks limp into the playoffs.

The Bucky Channel has some further thoughts on the Bucks .

The only good thing about the Brewers game yesterday afternoon was the opportunity to listen to it while at work.  The Brewers Bar has some recap notes  for your perusal.

I missed this last week so incase you did too: Who’s Harry Doyle?: The many lives of Robert G. Uecker

There was a time I was really into Country music but looking back on it now, I think it had more to do with the girl I was dating at the time than anything else.  That being said – here is a well worth your time gallery of Babes of the Country Music Awards.

The 25 Most Hilarious Signs In Sports

On the heels of the link yesterday with Tina Fey’s SNL Palin skit, here are The Best Political Impressions Of All Time

The 20 Sexiest Celebrity Southpaws

KFC’s Double Down Sandwich debuted yesterday.  Before you go get one, here are some reviews.

How Twitter Is Ruining Celebrities

Jon Heyman of focuses on Prince Fielder and what it’ll take to sign him in his Daily Scoop.

On the Packers news front, talk has started about interest by the Packers in Brian Westbrook. ACME Packing Company has more on this here and overall I think it would be good signing.

Ol Bag of Donuts starts in on Defensive Linemen  in their pre-draft coverage.

Wisconsin Sports Tap has a pretty complete Brewers Farm Report , covering all the minor league Brewers teams and players to watch.

From the Onion:  NASCAR’s Drive For Diversity Program Successfully Hidden From Fans

Five Reasons You Can’t Blame Children for Being Insufferable

Here’s some morning time feel goodness: 12 Heroic Animals

Away from the ledge – It would be very easy, and I think a mistake, to start declaring this Brewers season done already.  Yes, it hasn’t been pretty but as I said last week in this space, last year started it just the opposite with the pitching being lights out when no one expected it and then faded.  I would much rather see the starting rotation take their lumps now and sort things out vs the opposite.  I’ve reserve judgment at least until Memorial Day.  For the time being I’ll just enjoy the fact that there is baseball being played to watch and listen to.

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