This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is ‘Hot TV Doctors’.

A Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Montgomery on Private Practice) sort of morning.

Casey McGhee played the hero last night in Miller Park after another blown Hoffman save.  Here’s a recap of the game from Disciples of Uecker .

7 options for Erin Andrews after “Dancing with the Stars”

RattlerRadio begins a new feature, What My Gut Tells Me

The Brewers Bar as some comments on overreaction to Gallardo’s start on Saturday

In case you missed it, Tina Fey hosted SNL on Saturday and of course had to break out a Sarah Palin skit.

Courtside Analysts on the Atlanta Hawks as the preferred playoff match for the Bucks .

Speaking of the Bucks, has a write up on Saturday’s loss to the Celtics, which could be another playoff preview.

The 5 Most Badass (And Possibly Insane) Athletes Of All-Time

CHTV on Barnett getting some shots as an outside rusher.

The Top 10 Atheletes to Keep Your Daughter Away From.

Ol’ Bag of Donuts profiled outside linebackers as part of their draft coverage, you can start with part one here .

If you’re planning a vacation by the ocean this Spring or Summer, here’s a handy guide of  The 15 Deadliest Creatures You May Encounter at the Beach

From Uncoached,  10 Clever Uses of Sticker Advertising , all pretty entertaining.

White girls really shouldn’t try and dunk .

Unfortunately, the Badgers lost in the Frozen Four championship game on Saturday to Boston College.  The Bucky Channel has a Diary of a Badgers Hockey Fan .

The 10 Best Lawyers in Movies

Weekend at the Bradley -  Was down in Milwaukee this past weekend to have a little 40th Birthday celebration for a friend of mine and also to take in the Bucks game as well.  We had good seats, but it helps when the previously mentioned friend’s wife works for the owner of the team.  Whenever I go to a pro or college basketball game in person it really drives home that basketball is a much more physical game then what you think or see on TV.  Watching the activity under the hoop from where we were sitting, you could see the banging going on and I for one wouldn’t want to be in that mix.  While the results of the game weren’t what we wanted it was an overall enjoyable experience and I got a high five from Bango the Buck, so all was not lost. 

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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    On the “10 Best Movie Lawyers” they included the wrong Pacino film. It should have been “And Justice For All”.

  • Chris

    You want “And Justice For All” on the list? You’re out of order, the whole trial is out of order!