A Monica Baccarin sort of morning

Woke up this morning to let the dogs out to about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground.  Have to love Wisconsin…I was wearing shorts a week ago.

The Brewers Bar has your Brewers-Rockies game recap  from yesterday.  Solid outing by the ‘Crew after a very shaky start by Doug Davis. 

In praise of Ken Macha and his decisions yesterday.

Seems I’ve been posting a lot of links which hack on Tiger Woods in some way this week…oh well, why stop now:  Comparing Tiger Woods’ Mistresses to Masters Holes

No chance ever:  The 16 Hottest Billionaire Daughters , Ivanka Trump is the pick of the litter in that group

Granted, it was against the Nets, but the Bucks put up another win in the post-Bogut era.  Perhaps going up against some weaker opponents though is just what is needed while the Bucks figure out to play without the big man in the middle.  Brew Hoop has their thoughts on that and the last nights game .

The 7 “Coolest” Losers in Comedy Movies

Another former Packers QB in MN if Grandpa Favre leaves ?

What To Do If You’re The First Human To Ever Make Contact With Aliens

Sharing too much with your co-workers:  Do You Want To Know Why Your Co-Workers Think You’re A Weirdo?

Solid list here: Top Ladies of The 80′s

So yes, sign of the apocalypse, Jeff Suppan has been names the Brewers fifth starter…ugh.  Disciples of Uecker on that very topic .  Couldn’t agree more with the last statement of this piece, ” With this move, Brewers management is limiting the potential of this team.”

15 Fans at Every Sporting Event

Jersey Al on Mike McCarthy and His Quarterback Obsession

The 10 Most Bizarre Legal Defenses , using a Parrot as a defense witness…well, sure why not

Finally, good luck to the Badgers Men’s Hockey team in the semi-finals of the Frozen Four today.

Offense, offense, offense  - For the second time in as many days the Brewers bats had to bail out their starting pitcher.  I remember at the beginning of last year’s season the prevalent thought was the Brewers offense would need to jump out to leads and then hope they could keep them because the starting rotation was so shaky. Then the oddest thing happened, the starting rotation was almost magnificent in April and early May, stunning us all.  Of course, that ended soon enough and they came back to Earth.  This year, after additions to the starting rotation to shore that up and hopefully take some pressure off the offense, the complete opposite has been happening.  Yes, I know it’s really too early to come to any conclusions but I hope based on what I have seen, mostly heard, that the opposite does happen in that we’ll have some shaky pitching to begin but that will settle down and the Brewers hurlers can support the bats as much as the bats have supported them these past few days.

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