A Diane Kruger sort of morning – Ganz Gut!

Well, you have to give credit to the Butler Bulldogs for being within a possession of beating the Duke Blue Devils to win the National Championship, but alas it was not to be.  The rumors have already started of offers from other schools for Butler coach Brad Stevens .

The Brewers opened their season yesterday afternoon and have to say, no matter what the final outcome of the game is nothing is better than being able to have a Brewers broadcast on while at work?  Just makes the day go by that much quicker.  Here’s your, I think from new comer to the arena, Disciples of Uecker  (while you are there make sure to check out their positional analysis pieces, good stuff there).

With Tiger return to the PGA Tour starting with the Masters, here are 8 questions every golfer wants to ask him .

If you’re even remotely tech oriented you couldn’t get away from all the Apple iPad hype this past weekend.  As a self-proclaimed and somewhat irrational Apple hater, even I entertained the idea of getting one but came to my senses.  So this piece warms my PC-loving heart: The iPad Backlash is Here

I love old houses, just something about them, so this list of 10 Quirks of Old Houses  was a nice read.  I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want a Dumbwaiter?

Spoiler Alert: How the Internet is Ruining the Classic Television Experience

The WORST Green Bay Packer First Round Draft Picks of the Last 50 Years…

15 Worst Parenting Fails… so very funny, so very wrong

CC Sabathia Accused of Putting Potato Chip Grease on the Ball , best quote “Every time I took a ball it smelled like salt and vinegar flying by”.

In case any one missed it, Walsh is back to his old antics on Anonymous Eagle with a Monday morning weekly column.

We’re Bucked is trying to look on the bright side of things for the post-Bogut Bucks: With Bogut’s Season is Over Please Stay Away from Ledge Fellow Bucks Fans!

Major League Baseball 2010: Who Will Win The World Series?

The 10 Commandments of Man Law

Babes Love Baseball on Opening Day Pitches: 100 Years of Throwing Like a Girl

Speaking of first pitches: The 25 Hottest Female Celebrity First Pitches

Opening Day Anyone? – So out of curiosity, did any of you attend the Brewers Opening Day Festivities?  I used to go every year with a nice unbroken streak up until they switched it to a Monday afternoon that one year (don’t remember the year) and since haven’t been back.  Of course, as many around the Interwebs have said, Opening Day loses a bit of its appeal as you get older.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to act like a drunk 20 something on occasion, but those occasions are few and far between these days, what with the recuperatory powers being not what they used to be and things like work getting in the way.  So if you did go to Opening Day, leave your thoughts of it in the comments. 

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  • Brew Town Boozer

    I will be going tonight in order to avoid amateur hour on Day 1.

    I think the #5 spot in our order is going to be in critical high leverage situations all year, especially if yesterday’s trend toward failure continues. I personally would love to see Rickie in that spot.

  • burniebrewer

    As always, I was at Opening Day. I’ve been to at least 20 in a row now.

    I don’t think there were as many of the drunken antics that people always cite for the reason they don’t go. We had a great group of people around us, mostly younger, but nothing too crazy. We drank plenty of beer and behaved ourselves. Not to mention, what a beautiful day!

    So that was Walsh writing on that blog? He owed me an Opening Day beer and I never got it!

  • Dan W.


    I wasn’t at the game yesterday. I will be going tomorrow for some low key afternoon baseball.

    Yes, I’m doing stuff over at Anonymous Eagle. But it’s on Monday’s only at this point.

  • Jon

    I am going to Wednesday’s afternoon game with the family…thinking about doubling up with the Bucks game that night.

    After watching Carlos Gomez with the Twins, I found his home run yesterday somewhat disturbing. He already swings too hard…going yard in game one might only encourage him. He sure can cover ground in the outfield, though.