So, Butler brings down Michigan State 52-50 in the national semi-final game over the weekend. And what does the post-game analysis focus on? What a magnificent story Butler is. How they are the smallest school ever to make the national championship game. Indeed, the Bulldogs making it to the final is a great story (and I will be rooting for them over Duke tonight).

But hardly a word is said about the low scoring nature of that game against the Spartans. However, as Mike Lucas and Matt Lepay noted this morning on WTSO in Madison , had it been the University of Wisconsin basketball team grinding it out in a similar manner, the focus would be on the “plodding Badgers” and on “limiting possessions.” In other words, there would be disdain and disgust instead of praise for the plucky underdogs.

I wonder how far Roy Williams thought Butler’s win set basketball back? If he figured the UW-MSU semi in 2000 set the game back 20 years, I would have to guess the Carolina head man would have thought this one set the game back three decades. But I suppose Coach Williams was indisposed, still licking his wounds from getting bounced by Dayton in the NIT final last week.


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    Well then, if Wisconsin wants to gain some national respect, the solution is simple. UW just needs to reduce its enrollment by 40,000 or so.