In honor of the return of Fringe last night, an Anna Torv sort of morning.

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Enjoy it While it Lasts – I don’t think anyone could argue that this year’s NCAA Tournament hasn’t been one of the more entertaining ones in years.  Minus the Badgers & Golden Eagles early exits, there were upsets, there were close games, there was genuine entertainment.  Well, what is pretty much perfect will be going away once the NCAA money people expand the field to 96 next year.  Thinking about it makes me feel akin to how I felt when Rodger Goodell moved the NFL Draft to the current format, betrayed as a fan.  Bigger or more is not always better especially when it comes to the sheer perfection that was the NFL Draft Weekend and the current NCAA Tournament format.  We are finding out more and more that the opinions of the fans seem to mean less and less to the powers that be that run the respective leagues we follow. As fans though we’ll end up buying, showing up for or watching what they put out there so maybe we’re to blame in the first place.

As for this weekend’s games, I’ve got:

  • Butler over Michigan State, because I had a dog named Butler once although not a bulldog.
  • West Virginia over Duke, not because it’s Duke but because as I mentioned Thursday, West Virginia cheerleaders are hotter.

Enjoy the warm weekend everyone, have a nice Easter and we’ll see you here Monday.

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