A Sarah Chalke sort of morning.

Babes Love Baseball has their Milwaukee Brewers Preview up , in haiku form.

The Daily Show’s Jason Jones interviews the commissioner of the all white basketball league, you can imagine the results.

Via FHM, 15 things that you’ll never get round to doing . Out of that list I’ve actually got/or have covered 15, 10 (Europe counts, right?), 8 (back to the 1800′s) & 7 (I have to or would lose my livelihood)

8 Ways to Make Your Pet an Internet Sensation

Fear not Marquette fans, Cracked Sidewalks has your back during the offseason .

Top 10 Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome , pretty solid list and the origin’s of the phrase ‘Jump the Shark’.

Confessions of a Sports Addict on why McNabb is a fit for the Raiders .

The Big Lead asks: Is Urban Meyer a Douchebag?

Bucks beat the Clippers last night , although it was the Clippers

The Bucks are also getting a little national pub in the USA Today: The deer to fear: Taking Skiles’ lead, Bucks on playoffs brink

Top 10 Sports Teams With The Most Street Cred

Seeing as I “outed” myself over on CHTV as a Middle School Dungeons & Dragons player, I instantly recognized this: The SEC Alignment Chart, 2010

Speaking of, CHTV has a take on Mark Murphy And The CBA Negotiations

Brew Crew Ball invites you to Make You Picks in their Community Projections for 2010

To early to be talking about college football?  Nyah, 50 Burning Questions (And Answers) For the 2010 College Football Season

Miller Park Drunk on Gallardo being named Opening Day starter

Relevancy  – So at the beginning of the Buck season and the great start they had I was fully on the bandwagon.  Then, as many lamented, the Bucks came back to Earth and played the way we were accustomed to, but when you think about they still showed the flash they had from the beginning from time to time.  Perhaps the best thing that happened was Redd getting injured, as it kept Bogut and Jennings the focal points and forced the pickup of Stackhouse and then Salmons.  So are we looking at a relevant Bucks team for the first time since the days of Payton, Allen and Robinson?  It would appear so and perhaps some post-season action beyond the first round is a legitimate possibility.

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  • http://www.retaggr.com/page/crichar3 Chris

    “So are we looking at a relevant Bucks team for the first time since the days of Payton, Allen and Robinson?”

    I would argue that the last relevant team The Deer had included Cassell instead of Payton in the mix. But maybe that’s just me. I dug that bald alien at the point.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Point well taken, Chris. Payton and Anthony Mason pretty much derailed the Karl era Bucks.