An Emmanuelle Vaugier sort of morning.

We had the transcript of Uecker’s WWE induction speech, Bugs & Cranks had the video .  I know a lot of this is from his Baseball HOF induction speech but its still pretty funny stuff whether its the first or 50th time you’ve heard it.

Football Outsiders has a run down of the NFC North

13 Terminally Typecast Actresses

I couldn’t agree more here: Thumbs down to the NFL on new draft format .   It’s just more proof Rodger Goodell hates the fans.

Brew Crew Ball posted their Brewers Community Projections Summary .

Quevedo at the Buffet also has their roster prediction up .

21 Twitter Pick-Up Lines (er, Tweets) …my favorite: Wanna go back to my house and #?

Speaking of Twitter – The 20 Hottest Athletes To Follow on Twitter

A Girl’s View gives her take on the Brewers pitching rotation, pleading that there are only 7 days to sort this crap out.

Old-school advertisements that are oh so wrong , “More Doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette!”

Defining the types of Quarterbacks by Quadrant

Bucksketball has Five Questions with Dave Berri

More Brewers pitching commentary by The Brewers Bar

Top 10 Stupid Things Women Say muses over What is the Packers Biggest Need

The Return Of Merton, The ChatRoulette Piano Guy , some NSFW language in the video.  I would be curious how many people go to ChatRoulette looking to see if they can find this guy.

The 10 Most Annoying Corporate-speak Phrases & What They Really Mean

  Aaron over at CHTV advocates a look at Brian Westbrook and also garned some ESPN love from it.

You Tell Me – So now that I am in the habit of doing the Daybreak Doppler every day, it’s not as onerous as a task as I thought it would be.  My question to you, gentle readers, is what else would you like to see either in this space or on in general.  As an example, I’ve toyed with the idea of a daily caption comment but not sure of the interest.  Additionally, we’re still working on additional content generation beyond this daily feature and other infrequent posts.  As I’ve said before, if you’re an aspiring blogger/writer/ranter and would like a place to add your thoughts or even if you’re established and want to help try traffic back to your site, let me know .  So give me your ideas in the comments (or email), all are welcome.

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  • Chris

    Hmmm. What would I like to see? How about a short late-day update of anything interesting. I really appreciate the weekend stuff BigSnakeMan offers, so that leaves just later in the day uncovered.