A (personal favorite of mine) Famke Janssen sort of morning.

OK, so it is Friday and you’re probabally looking for things to do while the clock ticks until you can go home for the weekend, this should help you out: Bracket of Brackets 2010

The Eight Types of People to Unfollow on Twitter or Defriend on Facebook

Surprised we haven’t seen something like this before now: Couple Believe They Were Robbed By Facebook Friend

I’m guessing that perhaps many of you have already read this, but if not head over to PackersLounge.com and read Alex’s piece on draft pick marijuna use .  I think he nails it on the head, specifically the alchohol angle.

Tina Fey is undeniably one of the funniest funniest & most entertaining people out there, catch her impresonation of Tracy Morgan on Letterman

Courtesty of Jimmy Traina ‘s Twitter feed, the Friday time wasting gifts keep coming, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time: DontEvenReply.com

Total Packers on the state of the Packers Offensive Line

If you’re trying to get your girlfriend/wife/significant other interested in sports, here’s some help: 30 Sports Movies That Women Love

7 Stories The National Enquirer Actually Got Right

Here’s another thing that was bound to happen at some point: Airport Employee Abused Body Scanner to Get a Naughty Look at a Coworker

A constant source of amusement: Ozzie Guillen’s Twitter Account

Well, that didn’t take long – Joe Bucks HBO talk show cancelled after 3 shows .

7 Ways to Spot a Former Frat Boy

Didn’t really mention this during the week, but Tebow Says ‘STFU’ Never Happened

The Buter Did It  - You can’t say that this year’s March Madness hasn’t been exciting or unexpected.  Two one seeds out before the Sweet 16 is even over and I could see either of the remaining 1 seeds not making it to the Final Four.  I figured once Syracuse clawed back into it in the second half it was pretty much a done deal, but Butler thought otherwise.  Anyone else think that Brad Stevens, the Bulldogs head coach, looks more like the players he’s coaching than the coaches he is coaching against?   After seeing Butler get it done, I really thought Xavier as well may have had some of that Cinderella power too, but that was not to be and personally for my bracket I was happy.  Here’s to a great weekend for everyone and we’ll see you Monday.

PS – Don’t forget, root against Ohio State tonight, give my bracket a chance!

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  • burniebrewer

    Xavier/Kansas St. last night was an instant classic. What a game…plus Gus Johnson announcing!