A Yvonne Strahovski sort of morning.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Women , pretty sure I’ve dated everyone minus the Gold Digger

KSK has your Rejected NFL Overtime Formats

Sweet 16 Mascots: Which Mascot Is Best?

Miller Park Drunk gets the “inside scoop” on how much JJ Hardy & Rickie Weeks miss each other this Spring Training .

Why Taylor Mays Could Be the Answer for the Green Bay Packers  

The 15 Most Bizarre Insurance Policies Ever Written . I can see the various actors/actresses/models insuring body parts and what not, but Alien abduction, impregnation and consumption insurance?

From Maxim, Hometown Hotties of the Sweet 16

Globalpack from the Packers Lounge reviews Ted Thompson’s draft history

The 20 Coolest Cars In The World

Rattler Radio has some photos of the preparations at Fox Cities Stadium .

10 Things That Should Warrant An Ass Kicking , hmmm…I actually owned a Ukele once but it was purely for prop purposes.

Jordan from Brew Crew Ball shares his thoughts on the Brewers current pitching situation .  As little faith as I have in Parra, I can’t disagree with what Jordan says in giving him the 4 spot in the starting rotation, having Bush at 5 and then Suppan in the bull pen in long relief.

Brew Hoop has the breakdown of the Bucks loss to the Sixers last night .

7 Things That Would Happen if ISPs Banned Porn

Why Cornell, Butler, Washington and Xavier Have a Chance  or better titled How Every Remaining Bracket in the World would be Busted.

Any hope out there?   So who still has a chance of winning their bracket pool. The majority of the players in the pool I run with a (relatively) smaller group of friends and family had Kansas winning  so that ruined a lot of us.  Looking at the standings right now I suppose I am still mathematically alive but we all know how that works.  I just hope my cousin-in-law doesn’t win again, as that would be 2 years in a row and would be something we’d never here in the end of.  Do me a favor and everyone root against Ohio State and save us all.

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