A Laura Prepon sort of morning.

Seeing as most of us more likely than not spent our weekend in our own Man Caves, here’s a gallery of the 12 Coolest Man Caves

Aaron Nagler of Cheesehead TV & Alex Tallitsch did a little friendly sparring yesterday , well worth the time to read.

Nothing like a little Twitter drama for the White Sox

11 NCAA Basketball Coaches Who Look Like 1980s Movie and TV Characters

The Sports Pickle’s Milwaukee Brewers preview

Todd Welter of Brew Town Beat shares with us his 10 Year Plan .  Have to say, while I pretty much have all of these covered it’s a good list.

A look back at the past weekends tournament action and what to look forward to .

Railbird Central welcomes Desi Cullen to the fold .

Anonymous Eagle is still hurting from Marquette’s exit .

The Top 25 Funniest People Working in Hollywood

I guess the 96 team tournament is still in the works , why mess with a good thing?  Oh yeah…money.

Congratulations to the UW-Stevens Point Pointers on winning the DIII Title .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts gives a round up of what little Packers news there is .

Well, a good run by Wisconsin but it came crashing down yesterday afternoon.  All in all a good season especially for a team which wasn’t even suppose to make the tournament.  Well, misery loves company so here’s some reading to share your pain with:

Brew Town Beat – Sort of Ironic How Wisconsin Lost

The Bucky Channel – And There Goes Wisconsin

Lucas at Large – What’s Next For The Badgers?

Hoops Marinara – Cornell vs Wisconsin Shot Charts

With the amount of basketball I watched this weekend, both college and the Wisconsin high school championships, maybe the Badgers losing is blessing in disguise as maybe next weekend I can get some stuff around the house done, spend some time with the kids and just check in on games with no vested interest, beyond my busted bracket.  As I said yesterday, I can now focus all my sports attention on baseball and perhaps even the Bucks.  Here’s to a good week and we’ll see you here tomorrow.

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