An Eva Mendes sort of morning.

As many people will be playing hooky today and headed to various establishments to watch today’s games, make sure not to end up in one of these: The 5 Saddest Bars to Drink In

Deadspin Founder & Editor Emeritus Will Leitch has been doing a preview of all the MLB teams, yesterday he unveiled his Brewers preview .

Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with this !!?? (Warning: May be considered NSFW)

The 5 Most Half-Assed Scams That Were Shockingly Successful

Yesterday we had a link to the President’s NCAA Bracket, now here are the hidden agendas in those picks .

The 10 Commandments of Man Law

Hotties of the 2010 NCAA Women’s Tournament , I think Kayla Tetschlag from UW-GB got robbed by not being included.

A complete rundown of yesterdays NCAA action, ” What’s the over/under on camera shots of a bug-eyed Wildcats coach Frank Martin?”

The “Boss Button”, you know the link on whatever site you are viewing that is suppose to pop-up something that looks like a spreadsheet?  These things were neat in a novelty sort of way when they first came out, now they’re just dumb.  Here’s 6 Boss Buttons that will get you fired .

It would appear that Lance Armstrong is not too fond of Tony Kornheiser these days.

Ten 90s Crushes All Grown Up

A gallery of funny newspaper corrections , my favorite “….received a report of a newborn infant in a trash can.  Upon investigation, officers discovered it was only a burrito.”

Sorry Marquette fans, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  As my Marquette fan cousin Jon said, “Great season for a team that wasn’t expected to be there.”  To help you commiserate:

From The Brew Town Beat: Time Heals All Wounds

Cracked Sidewalks: Elevator doors close on Lazar – it’s over

Anonymous Eagle: Bucket Dumping at Season’s End: Washington 80 – Marquette 78

I am so getting one of these when they come out: Invisibility Cloak Project Becomes More Realistic

Bracket Busted? – Unless you had Georgetown going to the Championship game, like someone in my pool did, I would think most brackets out there should still be in contention.  The Georgetown loss hurt, but most people also had them going as far as I did so no loss there.  Today and into the weekend is really where you can begin to get hopeful or lose all hope as it comes to your choices for this year. Here’s a look at my bracket  as it stands this morning, feel free to ridicule my choices in the comments.  Enjoy the games today and into the weekend, Go Badgers and we’ll see you back here Monday.

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