A Claire Tully sort of morning (an Irish model/pinup girl, but suggest you don’t Google image search her at work )

Everything you may possbily need to know about St. Patricks Day.

1o MLB Headlines you’ll probabally never see, but would sure be funny if you did.

Confessions of a Sports Addict breaks down the Midwest & West Brackets

The 7 People in Every NCAA Tournament Pool , I would most likely fall into the #3 category I think

Cooking with Guiness

Missed this yesterday but reader (yes, surpringsly enough we have some) Max emailed this in on Ben Sheets getting lit up .

Your Round One NCAA Tournament Announcing Schedule

I believe it was the very first edition/issue of this daily feature where I mentioned I wasn’t even going to waste my time watching the Marriage Ref, it would appear that decision was well founded: The Marriage Ref RIPPED APART By Hulu Users: Called “Worse Than AIDS”

Awkward Office St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

Anonymous Eagle has a Q&A with the UW Dawg Pound , a Washington Huskies fan site I presume & not releated to either Wisconsin or the Cleveland Browns.

So Tiger Woods will be returning for The Masters, not a big surprise I guess.  Was a little surprised to hear (Wisconsin’s own) Steve Stricker saying he didn’t think Augusta would be too excited about hosting Tiger Woods‘ return to golf .

David Jones of the Patriot-News has Wisconsin in the NCAA title game .  I may be an eternal optimist when it comes to the sports teams I follow, but even I am not that delusional.  I do have them in the Sweet 16 but losing to Kentucky.

SBNation has the Bucks at #9 in their Power Rankings .

The Brewers Bar ponders is Jim Edmonds Now Guaranteed a Spot?

…and lastly: 11 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks to Get Your Irish On

PocketDoppler.com approved St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Song – Raised on Black & Tans by Gaelic Storm

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Oh, to be 20-something again – I still remember the first time the joys of St. Patrick’s Day were unveiled to me.  It was, of course, while in college at Eau Claire.  Bloody Marys at the Camaraderie at 10 in the morning, then walking across Water Street to Shenanigans in the early afternoon till…well, I don’t recall the how the rest of the day went.  All in honor of my Irish Grandfather mind you.  Unfortunately, these days if the holiday doesn’t fall on the weekend the only ‘celebrating’ I’m doing is wearing something green. So if you’re one to head out to the pub and hoist a few pints with the lads, have one for me and don’t pull a Havner on your way home.

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  • burniebrewer

    –I know some (many) will disagree with me, but I really wanted Gus Johnson to be in Jacksonville calling the Badgers game.

    –I think Edmonds is guaranteed a roster spot and I also think he will end up playing much more than any of us expected.

    –The Badgers in the title game article is quite a stretch, but they could definitely give Kentucky fits. A solid defensive effort could really rattle the Wildcats, who are quite a young team. Not sure the Badgers win, but I’d give them a chance.