A Molly Sims sort of morning.

President Obama has both Wisconsin & Marquette going to the Sweet 16 in his bracket .

March Madness 2010: 50 Predictions for the Tournament

We had Confessions of a Sport’s Addict’s Midwest & West breakdown yesterday, here’s the East & South Breakdown

Cracked Sidewalks takes an indepth look at Marquette’s game today .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has everything you need to know about the Wofford Terriers

Of course, from where else but The Onion: Musher Claims Free Agency Destroyed Chemistry Of Sled-Dog Team

IT guy’s bracket reveals he might blow up office

The Bucks ended the Clippers streak last night, losing 101-93 .

The Bucky Channel shares his Bracket in Winks Thinks

If you haven’t filled out your Bracket yet, you will have time and perhaps this will help: Base your bracket choices on last year’s Sweet 16 teams’ cheerleaders

Brew Town Beat let’s you know how Marquette surives and advances .

Rumors & Rants presents you thier Notable Alumni Bracket .  Marquette gets points for Chris Farley and Danny Pudi, Wisconsin gets points for, and I quote, “unattractive actresses with heavy accents”.

15 of the Meanest CAPTCHAs Ever (those distorted letters/numbers you have to type in before submitting forms).

The (2010) Best College Backcourts , Wisconsin gets an honorable mention.

Sort of forgot about the Mock Draft of the Day with all the NCAA stuff this week, but here is version two of Ol’ Bag of Donuts Mock Draft .

And it begins  - Well, here we go with what is possibly the 4 biggest sports watching days of the year. In addition to the NCAA Tournament the next few days, I also have my fantasy baseball draft on Saturday.  I’ve put so much effort into brackets that I’ve completely forgotten to do any baseball research.  The biggest question as of right now I have is who to keep from last year’s roster.  So, gentle readers, I put the question to you: Out of the 4 below players I can keep three, which three should it be?  Keep in mind it’s a 5×5 NL-only Rotisserie league and there is no restriction as to position for keepers.

Mark Reynolds, 3B ARZ
Jayson Werth, OF PHI
Chris Carpenter, SP StL
Tommy Hanson, SP ATL

Good luck with your brackets and we’ll lament together tomorrow in this space about how they’ve already been busted.

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  • http://sportsbubbler.com klwillis45

    Bye bye Werth.

  • Brew Town Boozer

    You can somewhat make up for Werth’s numbers of power and speed in OF positions. The other 3 are a rare commodity. Drop Werth.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Wally, you get a 2 stroke penalty for soliciting “shot advice”.

  • http://www.olbagofdonuts.com AdamOBOD

    I would keep Reynolds, Hanson and Werth and drop Carpenter. Dropping Carpenter is not all that crazy when you think of his injury history and age. Reynolds and Hanson and no brainers, and Werth is a sneaking top-10 level OF who is a multiple category-filler, plays in a great lineup in a hitter’s ballpark and also don’t forget playing for a contract and is in his prime.

    In a keeper league, I would swallow hard and let go Carpenter. Maybe I am too high on Werth as I am actually keeping him over David Price in my keeper league. I am so geeked for fantasy baseball!