A Gemma Atkinson sort of morning.

If you are actually headed to the first or second round of the tournament, here’s a list of 14 essential items for any cross country trip

Well, at least she knows what she wants: NJ woman attempting to become world’s fattest lady

Cracked Sidewalks has some Q & A with Jim McIlvaine on Marquette in the Big Dance .

Final Forty: The 40 Hottest Alumni Of Schools in the NCAA Tournament

Missed this yesterday, but our Patron Saint Bob Uecker will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame .

Bernie’s Crew has their projected Brewers roster up .  I couldn’t agree more in not including Jeff Suppan in the starting rotation. 

Here is Andy Katz’s, a Wisconsin Alum as well, take on the East Region .  He spreads some Wisconsin and Marquette love around.

15 Creative Sculptures Made of Beer Cans

A deconstruction and anaylysis of the trailer of the newest Predator move .

10 Quick Tips for Picking Your March Madness Bracket

Courtside Analyst has their thought on Bucks Rookie Brandon Jennings playing well again

Via CuteSports.com , a historical look at the unis of the Golden Eagles .

Brewers Spring Training Game Recap: Brewers 5, Indians 4

Congrats to the UW-GB Women’s hoops team for getting an at-large bid the Women’s NCAA Tournament .

…and finally, 5 Reasons the Internet Could Die At Any Day .  Some days, I actually wish this would happen.

Filling Out The Bracket  - So I started to fill out my bracket yesterday, just going with my gut and stopped myself as I really didn’t feel like I had researched enough.  Which leads me to this question: When is the best time to fill out your bracket?  Should you just throw caution to the wind or do exhausting research and wait till the final minute?  Or does it really matter because no matter what the person you expect the least will win because they had their 5 year old daughter help them with the picks.

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