A Tricia Helfner sort of morning

The Golden Eagles beat Villanova yesterday afternoon to advance to the semi-finals of the Big East Tournament.  I actually remembered to turn the radio on at work to listen to the play-by-play and by all accounts a very good game.  Anonoymous Eagle has your game recap .

Full slate of State of Wisconsin basketball today with the win by Marquette yesterday, here are times and TV:

  • Badgers v. Illini 2:00 pm on ESPN
  • Marquette v. Georgetown 6:00 pm on ESPN
  • UW-GB Women v. Cleveland State 8:00 pm, streaming video on www.greenbayphoenix.com

Here’s version 3 of your Badgers v. Illinois preview from Swingtown

In homage to Betty White hosting SNL: Enter The 36 Catheters: If ‘the Golden Girls’ Were Wu-Tang Clan Members

From Rumors & Rants, TheBaker Tackles The Worst NCAA Bubble In History

A lot has been made of Tim Tebow’s Wonderlic exam and how he scored below the other top QBs in the draft and below the overall average for QBs in general.  Here is a look at what Tebow answered on his exam .

The title says it all: Complex’s 50 Favorite Moments In Photoshop History

Winks from The Bucky Channel has this week’s Winks Thinks up, the Jim Sorgi Edition

I’m sure most of you remember ‘Stix’ from his excellent TDD column.  If you didn’t know, he has his own blog now so make sure to head over and check it out.  Here are his musings on The Bizarro Bucks .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts has a Friday Round-up touching pretty much on everything in the past week in Packers news.

Darth Vader has a soft side .

OK, need to set this one up a little bit. It you haven’t seen the bit on the Trololo guy, go here first .  After that take a look at Christoph Waltz in “Der Humpink” .

Some quiet butt-kicking: 6 Silent Badasses

Mock Draft of the Day: Another compilation type offering, from The Bleacher Report .  Great time waster if you like mock drafts.

Get it done now  – While I know there will be the temptation to plan the weekend around basketball, don’t do it.  Sure, carve out some time to watch the Badgers & Golden Eagles but make an effort to get some early Spring cleaning done, if you have a honey, get that honey-do-list knocked out or take the kids to the park.  I say this because if you slack this weekend you won’t have the goodwill in the bank to really be a slouch next weekend during what is arguebalbly the most entertaining four days of sports in the year, the first weekend of the Tournament.  So unless you have some other procedure scheduled to insure your “me-time” next weekend, take the time this weekend to make next weekend a celebration of brackets, beer and….um….some other word that starts with B.

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