To go along with the Tron Legacy trailer link below, an Olivia Wilde sort of morning.

Lost Letterman gives 96 Reasons Not To Expand NCAAs (Part I)

How To Write A Hollywood Rom-Com In 10 Easy Steps

The new Tron Legacy movie trailer looks pretty cool .

Howard Stern’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant starts today.

From the Bleacher Report: 2010 NFL Free Agency: 10 Bold Predictions

The Golden Eagles will face St. John’s this afternoon at 1 pm. Here’s the closest thing I could fine to a preview of the game  at this time of day.

Quevedo at the Buffet is betting that Len Elmore will be call the Marquette game, here’s their list of hyperbole you should expect to hear .

The Bucks continue to roll…what the hell is going on here?  BrewHoops has your recap .

Derek Anderson, late of the Cleveland Browns, had some choice words for the organization & its fans on his way out of town.

10 Coolest College Courses .  I would have aced the Philosophy & Star Trek course, and lessened every chance I would have had to talk to a girl had I taken the course.

Ah…memories: A scan of the original manual for the Atari game ‘Pitfall’ . Man, I played the hell out of that game in my early teen years…just ran, jumped and swung…er…and that was it.  Oh look – a gold bar!

North America’s Priciest Sports Tickets

Just the start of what will be scores of non-college basketball brackets: SI’s Swimsuit Bracket .

Brewers actually played yesterday and beat the Cubs 5 – 3 .

Mock Draft of the Day: (, 4 drafts in one link!

Collins in the Fold  - Nick Collins signed his tender yesterday, which is a good thing from a number of view points the most important being it will (hopefully) avoid any hold out come June. Something his agent said though made me think that the potentially avoided animosity may rear its ugly head though. Alan Herman, Collins’ agent said that signing the tender was ” a good faith gesture aimed at kindling negotiations “. I would say now the ball is firmly in Thompson’s and the Packers court here.  Should Thompson not work out a longer term deal with Collins or, and we’ll never know about it, at least be in discussions with Herman the Collins Camp’s desire to show good faith could dissipate quickly.

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