An Julie Benz sort of morning (part of the ‘Hot Women I Follow on Twitter for Really No Reason Except They’re Attractive Collection’).

Missed this yesterday, but join Jimmy Kimmel and others in The Handsome Men’s Club (it’s rather long, but worth it)

Miller Park Drunk ponders a question I go over every year Whether or not to go to Opening Day

The Big Lead’s 2010 Culture Bracket Tournament is Here

Jersey Al on the signings of Clifton & Kampann .

The 10 Hottest Girls At the 2010 Oscars

The Badger’s jumped to 13 in the AP Poll….and drop to a spot in the Coaches Poll to 18 ? I guess at this point in the season it really doesn’t matter but curious none the less.

Bracketology has the Badger’s still at a 4 seed , which maybe could change with a Big Ten Conference Championship. Marquette is sitting at a 9 seed from the same source. ESPN Bracketology has the same seedings .

Here’s one more Bracket and Ranking breakdown  from JSOnline.

From The Onion: Some Bullsh*t Happening Somewhere (obviously NSWF language)

Cracked Sidewalks has a more positive spin on the Golden Eagles weekend performance .

5 People Who Need Martha Stewart Reality Show Help Me, Martha

From Brew Hoop & something we’re all probably thinking: It’s March…and the Bucks are still good?

Things continue to look bad for Big Ben .

The Bucky Channel has a recap of yesterday’s Brewer’s game .

Mock Draft of the Day: From  checking in with the Packers taking Rutgers OT Anthony Davis.

Bo Got Robbed – In the Badger’s JSOnline article Dave Heller has some thoughts on Bo Ryan and not getting the Big Ten Coach of the year.  I know that the records come into play here but firmly believe Bo did a better ‘coaching’ job than either Painter or Matta.  What Bo was able to do with a team many thought wouldn’t even make the field of 65 and also to coach through the absence of Jon Leuer & keep the team competitive was downright magnificent.  Sure, Thad Matta had to deal with the loss of Evan Turner at the beginning of the season but you could argue Matta had more to work with than Bo did. I would challenge either one of those coaches, and not taking anything away from how good they are, to do what Bo did with the team he had.  Bo Ryan – The Official PocketDoppler Big Ten Coach of the Year….just got to get that plaque updated now and in the mail.

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  • Dave Kerwin

    I assume the only reason Jon Leuer got no recognition was missing half the Big Ten season with injury.

  • Chris

    That Onion video is hilarious. One of their best.

  • burniebrewer

    –There is no “should I go to Opening Day” question for me. I’ve gone to about 20 straight now and I’m not stopping. I know there are the traffic hassles and such, but it comes with the territory. Some people use the “80 other games” rational which is fine by me. If you’re not into the Opening Day scene, don’t go because the next day you’ll likely be complaining on a blog/message board about the traffic, crowd, drunks, etc.

    –Damn, the top 10 hottest at the Oscars sure was a letdown. Granted they are all way out of my league, but the pics seemed like a letdown.

    –Bo has done a terrific job with this year’s team. The man can flat-out coach and he does a great job recruiting players that fit the system.

    –Regarding the Bucks, I can’t believe I’m watching as many games as I have. I know I’ve watched more games this year than in the past 5 years combined. Hopefully, they can get the fan base excited and get some people in the seats for the stretch run.

  • JerseyAl

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the mentions and the links :)


  • JerseyAl

    Also, I’m adding you to my blogroll…

  • Jon

    I am glad you found Cracked Sidewalks…some well deserved attention for the other top hoops program in the state.