In honor of her Oscar win last night, a Sandra Bullock sort of morning.

Gallery of memorable moments from last night’s Oscars from .

Mike Golic & Buster Olney come to the defense of Prince Fielder .

In other Brewers news, Chris Capuano made a return to the mound for the Brewers this weekend .

In homage to the Best Supporting Actor winner from last night, Christoph Waltz, the abridged script of Inglourious Basterds (some NSFW language).

Ol Bag of Donuts has their thoughts on the first weekend of free agency . says adieu to Aaron Kampann , but laments how the Packers handled it.

More Oscar’s coverage and a Red Carpet review  

Walsh will be thrilled, Community has been renewed although some fun was had with how the news was shared .

The Badgers exacted some revenge against Illinois yesterday afternoon with a nice win. Swingtown has some observations on the game .

The Badgers draw a 4 seed now for the Big Ten Tournament and will face Illinois on Friday.  Here’s more info and a complete bracket .

Marquette though did not fair as well against Notre Dame on Satuday, Quevedo at the Buffet let’s you know how they feel about that .

A different Milwaukee team though did win on Saturday, the Bucks over the LeBron-less Cavaliers.  Here’s your breakdown .

Erin Andrews joins Twitter, gets 20,000 follows and shares a DTWS injury for her first tweet .

I hope Erin checked out this piece before setting up that Twitter account: Helpful Tips For Sports Celebrities to Navigate Social Media

Big Ben in some alleged trouble, here’s more on that .

5 People Who Changed the World From Inside of Prison

Mock Draft of the Day From , going with USC OT Charles Brown here, a popular pick around the web for the Packers at #23.

On Clifton & Kampann – There was a lot of angst on the local Green Bay sports talk radio station on Friday about whether or not Ted would do something about signing Clifton.  While some were fine with letting Clifton walk, the majority were wondering why Thompson hadn’t signed him already as basically there was no one to replace him.  You can count me among those.  I have been a solid supporter of the things that Thompson has done but had he let Clifton walk I would have lost some faith in him.  I only expect Clifton to start one more year, but protecting Rodgers is the most important thing right now and Clifton is the best person for that role right now.

I tweeted this on Saturday, Aaron Kampann this past year was a square peg, round hole situation.  Sure, everyone said the right things but let’s face it…he couldn’t play the position at a high level and he didn’t want to.  Kampann is a great player at DE and a better person all around and he will be missed more for the off the field stuff then on the field.  I wish him the best of luck and hope he can return to being the dominant player he was in the right position for him.

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  • Dan W.

    Community returning for season 2 is great news. Ahbed (Danny Pudi) was at the MU game on Saturday. Sadly his presence could not bring home with win.

  • Winks

    Nice to see that you guys have been able to keep this tradition alive, keep up the good work.