An Mila Kunis sort of morning (she definitely has gotten better with age & I simply choose to ignore the fact she’s dating Macaulay Culkin).

Indiana Jones was in Green Bay Wednesday night . Luckily there were no Crystal Skulls or Shia LeBouf sightings.

Adult Entertainment Actress, ” A lot of us are screwed “.  Amazingly enough, link is SFW.

A team by team look at needs in the NFC North  by Profootball Weekly

Danica Patrick has some competition for hottest racer: She’s Like Danica, But Good

Elin is moving back in with Tiger .

The Oscars are this weekend, so here is the obligatory Oscars link: Oscars: 10 Best Sound Bites

Doug Melvin is Number 6 in’s ranking of MLB GMs .

From, 21 Awesome Ice Sculptures  (Could be considered NSFW depending on where you work & how/if they filter)

No surprises here, #4 on Leno last night : “…not going to say anything anytime soon, just going to kind of sit back, relax, enjoy the offseason.” Translation: I’m just gonna hang out for awhile until enough people stroke my ego, waffle till about oh, say…early August, and then come riding in to Winter Park on my tractor to save the day.”

Your NFL/Packers Free Agency Round-up (SPOILER ALERT: Ted didn’t do anything):

Ol’ Bag of Donuts: While you were sleeping, the rest of the NFC North was plenty busy

CheeseheadTV: Clifton To Visit Redskins, Colledge In Demand?

PFT: Peppers, Kampman could be linked

JSOnline Packers Blog: Kampman to Seattle is still a rumor; Clifton to Redskins?

Various Brewers Return Posts:

From the Bucky Channel: Roll Out The Barrell, The Brewers are Back

Brew Crew Ball: Giants 5, Brewers 3

JSOnline: Final Thoughts: It was some day

Welcome back Uecker: Exhibition game or not, wasn’t it great to hear Bob Uecker’s voice yesterday calling a game?  Exhibition games are when Uecker is at some of his best as he can vamp and improvise as much as he wants as it’s just as much a tune up for the broadcast team as it is the baseball team. It makes for incredibly entertaining listening.

Mock Draft of The Day Don Banks of has the Packers picking Florida C Maurkice Pouncey…um…I don’t think so

One down, 51 To Go  – Well, made it through a week and people are still coming to the site so I must not suck as much as I thought I may at this.  A sincere thank you to everyone who has been visiting, make sure to tell your friends, neighbors and pets.  I’ll also be working on getting some more regular content here on the site, ala The Daily Drink’s weekly columns by Stix, Winks and others.  Whether that comes from the existing PD group or new blood is yet to be determined.  Said it before and will say it again, if you are looking for a place to have a column the door is open or if you’re an existing blogger/writer that is looking to syndicate content we’re open to that as well. 

We’re looking at 40+ degree weather this weekend here in Green Bay. I am looking forward to a full weekend of cleaning out the garage while listening to ESPN Radio, getting the kids outside to eleviate some cabin fever for them & dread anticipation of watching the snow melt to expose a Winter’s worth of dog crap in the yard.  Have a great weekend, enjoy an adult beverage if you are so inclined and see you here bright & early on Monday. 

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