In honor of the return of The Office and the birth of Jim & Pam’s baby, a Jenna Fischer sort of morning.

If you post it on the Internet, it’s gonna always be there or somehow come back to bite you in the ass: 13 Intimate Facebook Messages You Weren’t Supposed to See

This title says it all:  53 Ways 2009′s Oscar Contenders Could Be Improved with Sci-Fi Tech

This got a lot of play yesterday, but it’s pretty funny so incase you missed it’s two Australian Morning TV Hosts playing the Wii Curling Game .

I don’t watch Lost because at this point I would have no clue what’s going on, but my non-gay female life partner does so I know all the characters.  Here’s Michael Emerson, aka Ben, in a  1992 Prison Training Video .

Dinosaur Sex  , in case you were wondering.

You can own your own Olympic Inflatable Beaver ….insert your own joke here.

A Presidential Reunion brought to by .  Will Ferrell, Darrell Hammond, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Dana Carvey and Fred Armisen. I could do with out political commentary at the end but as a whole, it’s pretty good.

Rich Eisen’s combine 40-yard dash .

The Bucks beat the Wizards last night, has your recap .

As we approach the first exhibition game of the 2010 Brewers season, take some time to get to know the Brewers Coaches , courtesy of Miller Park  Drunk.

Your going to retaliate for something that happened last year in an exhibition game ?

Ol’ Bag of Donuts has your rundown of the Packers free agent tenders .

For those that may have missed, Daybreak Doppler Godfather Dan Walsh has returned and his recap of Tuesday night’s Marquette game .

Mock Draft of the Day – from The Big Lead:  2010 NFL Draft: Post-Combine Mock Draft .  I like the pick of Iupati but don’t think he’ll be available.

Senior Night Had a Nice Surprise – I of course am talking about Jason Bohannon’s Mom (I spent entirely too long trying to find a photo so if some finds one, post it in the comments).   Now that I have that out of the way, once Bucky got rolling it was all over for Iowa.  Perhaps the most encouraging thing I took from last night’s game is that it would appear that Jon Leuer is, if not all the way there is almost, back to full speed. As Wayne Larivee said during the game this will mean some trouble for anyone not in wearing the cardinal and white in the Big Ten Tournament and I hope into the NCAA Tournament.  For a team unranked at the beginning of the season and many said would miss the big trouney, I’m looking forward to see what can happen come tournament time.  As Seth Davis (I think it was Seth Davis, can’t find the link) said awhile back, no one should ever doubt or bet against a Bo Ryan coached team.

Early-morning thoughts (ramblings?) on UW-Iowa

Badgers blow out Iowa on Senior Night

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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Congratulations, Wally. Apparently you didn’t piss anyone off today.

    For the record, it was Gary Parrish of CBS Sportsline who propped Bo, not Seth Davis.

    And the Giants’ Barry Zito plunked Fielder in his first AB. That’s just weak sauce.