Ed. Note: I guess there’s not enough room in the Wisconsin sports blog milieu for two ‘mugs’ so rather than making an issue out of it, it’s easier to just concede here and switch our name up.  I actually like this name better now that I’ve had time to think about it…that is until some weather department from a Fox affiliate in southern Illinois emails me and tells me they somehow loosely have license to it.

An Elizabeth Banks sort of morning (who’s Twitter feed is actually pretty amusing).

Going to sort of date myself here, but these candid shots from the original Star Wars felt like looking through an old scrapbook of my youth.

Tecmo Bowl coming back ?

There was a ton, well…maybe not a ton but at least several pounds, of Tebow/Packers related talk on Twitter yesterday, most likely started by this .

CHTV has a follow up on Tebow to the Pack as well. 

More Star Wars nerd fun, but with Legos !

Sigh….  , at least they sort of rip the guy who placed the ad.

At least she’s not suing for the same reason past Price is Right model’s filed suit for. (Right link now)

Errr….a Weird Al Sex Tape

A somewhat exhausting, but very complete, piece on the possiblity on an expanded, 96 team NCAA Basketball Tournament

New Packers Therapy podcast available, with special guest NFL Draft Avatar(there words, not mine) Chad Reuter. Listen here or subscribe via iTunes here .

Handicapping this round of Dancing With the Stars . Looks like my picks from yesterday were spot on.

Very nice piece on Badgers Trevon Hughes & Jason Bohannon

Marquette notched a win last night against Louisville and pretty much secured a spot in the Big Dance.  Here’s your recap and insight .

Swingtown has your preview of the Badgers vs Iowa  game tonight, final one at the Kohl Center for the season.

The UW-GB MBB move into the second round of the Horizon League Tournament with a win over Youngstown State .

Brew Crew Ball have the results of their tracking poll  up that we mentioned yesterday.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat    – I live in Green Bay, more specifically Howard on the north side of Green Bay.  On my way into the office I pass a wholesale/retail fish place which advertises their special on an elevated marquee.  Today’s special was Fresh Shark.  OK, maybe there’s some different definition of ‘fresh’ I don’t know about…but where is this fresh shark coming from?  Are there Makos and Hammerheads now swimming in Lake Michigan or Lake Winnebago?  You would have thought someone would have mentioned that.  Maybe there’s some hidden shark farm in Northeastern Wisconsin, if so I want to go check it out.  I don’t see a helipad by the store so it must be coming from some place local.

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  • Brew Town Boozer

    Tebow sort of reminds me of Dallas Clark, but seems like a good option for the Wildcat out of the shotgun. I can’t remember a guy having this much speculation and uncertainty entering the draft in the past.

  • http://www.brewcrewball.com KL Snow

    Thank you for changing the name. I was ready to move on and put it all behind us until you said this:

    “I actually like this name better now that I’ve had time to think about it…that is until some weather department from a Fox affiliate in southern Illinois emails me and tells me they somehow loosely have license to it.”

    I did my best to handle this privately and nicely. I could have opened with a “cease and desist” letter for brand infringement, but I didn’t. Instead, I emailed you to ask you to change the name. Even then, I was nicer about it than I had to be. I even offered suggestions for a new name. You responded by telling me you’d “think about it.”

    You can go ahead and paint me as the bad guy here if you’d like, but I’ve been writing the Frosty Mug day in and day out for two years. I think it’s reasonable for me to want to protect my brand.

    • Wally

      Kyle – it was a joke, you obviously don’t me in person but if you did you’d realize I was just playing and no slight intended. Moving on.

  • http://sportsbubbler.com klwillis45

    And we have our first “Walsh”.
    Your Price is Right link is misdirected.

    • Wally

      Well…that didn’t take long, fixed and thanks for the catch

  • http://www.cheeseheadtv.com Aaron Nagler

    A “cease and desist” letter for brand infringement? For a two year old blog that doesn’t even come up on the first page when you Google it? F’n hilarious.

  • http://sportsbubbler.com klwillis45

    Is there an Anchorman-style blog fight coming?

    If so, watch out for Brick. He’s got a hand grenade.

  • Wally

    kl, nothing simmering on this end at least so to paraphrase from McCarthy…the train has left the station.

  • http://www.retaggr.com/page/crichar3 Chris

    I thought the Fox affiliate in Southern IL bit was funny and didn’t see it as a slight on the Frosty Mug (which is a fine offering, routinely interesting and well done). But, then again, I didn’t see the original name of this feature as a conflict with KLS’s good work, either. So perhaps I just don’t get it.

    In any case, I appreciate the link to the latest installment of Packers Therapy, Wally. I glossed Chad as “NFL Draft Avatar” because I got bored with “expert” and “guru” and other such descriptors. In fact, I like it so much I am thinking of having the title copyrighted…

  • Jon

    I am delighted that it looks like UW and MU will both be in the dance. I wonder if there is any chance of UW playing in Milwaukee?