So this past weekend I had emailed Dan Walsh, from the Daily Drink , about carrying on the torch of the Daily Drink Morning Coffee with a morning link dump/column.  Dan was of course more than affable about it, so much so that he mentioned we would be continuing on with a similar daily feature on his farewell post at The Daily Drink this morning .  So the real question is now, can we do it and do it well?  We’re still in the ‘theory’ stage of this but I do think it’s something we’d like to continue.  Speaking for myself, and I know at least dozens of others, The Daily Drink was an everyday morning stop for me.  It served a place to catch up on the postings and thoughts of other blogs on various Wisconsin sporting events and teams as well as the purely entertainment aspect of his daily column.  Without The Daily Drink, I don’t really know of another alternative out there which is why we started thinking maybe we’d continue the tradition.

For those of you who may be stopping by here for the first time, PocketDoppler basically follows in the vein of many sports blogs out there but with a focus on a Wisconsin sporting teams.  Do we know or claim to have any special knowledge or inside access?  Hell no, we just love our teams and like to write about them.  So will the Daily Drink tradition continue on here in this space?  Give us a few days to get our ducks in a row and we’ll go from there.  If we do it, it would more likely than not just be a daily morning column versus the morning and afternoon posts Dan did, but if there’s interest we could do a daily photo comment ‘content’.  We also would need a catchy name, open to suggestions so leave them in the comments if you have one.  Would also throw out an invitation to any displaced Daily Drink (or Sports Bubbler in general) columnists/writers….if you don’t have an online home of your own and are looking for a place to contribute every once in a while you’re more than welcome here, just drop me a line .

To Be Continued….


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  • KL Snow

    As someone who’s been doing it for almost two years now, I can tell you that doing all the reading work to do a daily link dump, especially in the morning, is a tough grind. More power to you if you think you can do it. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

  • Jon

    I’m interested.

    • http://mike BigSnakeMan

      In reading….or contributing?