I am really enjoying the flexibility and creativity Bo Ryan is showing this year since the injury to Jon Leuer. He frequently has used a 4-guard lineup and, despite some struggles against Purdue, has shown the willingness to stick with this alignment for long periods. Bottom line…he is putting his best players on the floor regardless of size. I like it.
The Olympics are coming up February 12th…is there a single compelling story leading into the games? Does Madagascar have a bobsled team? Are the Hansen brothers on the US hockey team? Will Ferrell got a partner in couples skating? I need a reason to watch otherwise I will stick to college hoops.
I do not like what the Brewers have done this offseason. I am not wild about the Randy Wolf signing (history of some wildness), Doug Davis puts me to sleep, and I hate the recent addition of Jim Edmonds (one of my least favorite players). I am frequently wrong, and would love to see the Brew Crew win the division, but all in all I think they have made some mistakes this winter.
I simply cannot take anymore Bret t Favre talk…positive, negative, for or against. I am done. I found peace and solitude on 670 out of Chicago on my way home today. Boers and Bernstein are very, very funny. They don’t take sports too seriously and are just plain silly. I love their show.
I watched Meet Joe Black last weekend…it was OK. One of those movies devoid of a hook that makes you remember it.
Marquette leads the nation in 3-point shooting percentage and Mo Acker is an incredible 18-23 from 3-point range in the Big East. Their 3-5 record in conference shows that the college game is not about the 3-point line.
In the first round of the NFL draft, look for the Pack to draft a cornerback. They should draft an offensive tackle but that doesn’t fit with Ted Thompson’s philosophy.
I am a big fan of Matt LePay as an announcer…not a big fan of his new pet phrase “peel”. “Nankovil peels down a rebound.” “Hughes peels around a screen.” Not good.
All for now.

  • http://www.retaggr.com/page/crichar3 Chris

    I am also a fan of Boers and Bernstine…


    …I didn’t post it here because, well, it didn’t seem to fit the whole Wisconsin sports theme. However, when there is nothing else on, I always find those guys good for a few laughs (even beyond the natural humor associate with any discussion of the Bears or Cubs).

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Obviously, the Brewers offseason moves probably aren’t going to net them a championship, but I do believe they’ve improved their pitching marginally. Given the financial constraints placed upon them by the Hall & Suppan contracts, Wolf and Davis are about the best they could have done in a weak FA market. If nothing else, they have a track record of eating up innings that hopefully can prevent their bullpen from imploding before the AS break.

    And one more thing, Jon. We’re Favre from hearing the last about Brent.

  • http://pocketdoppler.com Dave Kerwin

    Purdue was the best overall game they’ve played since Leuers injury. It’s nice to see Nankavil finally play like he is capable of.

    • http://mike BigSnakeMan

      If only he could find that groove against a team other than the Boilermakers.