For a fan of the Green Bay Packers like myself, the prospect of a Super Bowl match-up between the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets is the worst of both possible worlds.

Obviously, I can’t pull for the Vikings as they are the most hated rival of my favorite professional football team.  Throw in the way that former Packer legend Brett Favre engineered his way to Minnesota and all the drama that went with it and the reasons become clear.

Under normal circumstances, I would have no problem rooting for the New York Jets.  The AFC entry from New York has been a benign presence for most of it’s existence and helped the Packers delay Favre’s resurfacing in Minnesota for a year by taking him off Green Bay’s hands for a couple of draft picks.

Unfortunately, though, the Jets are coached by the NFL’s reigning ass-clown, Rex Ryan.  Ryan apparently lacked the class to support his own player, Darrelle Revis, without disparaging Defensive MVP Charles Woodson and the rest of the Packer defense in the process.  Ryan’s comments are sure to be bulletin board material for next season when the Packers play in New York, but his cockiness is impertinent in light of the fact that the Jets basically backed into the playoffs when their final two opponents took the rest of the season off.  If that wasn’t enough, Ryan characteristically went out of his way to annoy people by openly applauding the pre-selling of Jets AFC Championship gear on the team’s web site.  I’m sure the NFL isn’t totally enamored that the Jets mere presence in the playoffs has made a mockery of it’s regular season, though they no doubt covet the idea of having the New York media market represented in it’s signature contest.

I suppose there could be a certain morbid curiosity in seeing the Minnesota Vikings set a new record for Super Bowl futility.  There would also be the delicious irony of having Favre’s quest for another championship foiled by the second consecutive team he bailed on after last season.  And, with a rookie quarterback, no less.  Actually, one can almost imagine how the Military/Industrial-like complex of the NFL could foster such a pairing in order to promote it’s Big Game.  But I don’t think I could handle witnessing the Vikings win their first NFL championship while having Favre at the helm.

Here’s hoping that the Saints and/or Colts take care of business on Sunday to spare me an unpleasant alternative.  Otherwise, I may have go to bed early on Super Sunday (I do work early, after all) and hope that the whole thing is just a “Dallas”-style bad dream.


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  • Chris

    I think this pretty much summarizes the conflict faced by Packers fans his weekend.

  • Jon

    I’m just hoping for good games…aside from the Cards-Packer game this has been a snoozer of an NFL post-season.