A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

Ed. Note: Last week all I could think to write about was the Packers losing the weekend before and I didn’t feel like dredging up everything that had already been said by everyone else.

1. What They Said: Two excellent reads on the topic of Purple Traitor & him winning a Super Bowl with Minnesota -  one by our very own Chris Richards and the other by ‘Stix’ on The Daily Drink .  They both are dead on for why Packers fans should be rooting for the Saints come Sunday.

2. Root for…The Saints: Unless you are a Minnesota or Purple Traitor fan, or Peter King, how can you not root for the Saints?  Never been to a Super Bowl, city devastated by a hurricane and still recovering and overall a good team.

3. Root for…The Vikings: Sorry, I can’t find any reason to root for Minnesota, at all.

4. Root for…The Jets: Rookie head coach, rookie QB, former Badger Jim Leonard starting…even with what Rex Ryan said I could find myself getting behind this team.

5. Root for…The Colts: If Indy hadn’t won a few years back I could see this being an option but the story isn’t as compelling as rooting for the Jets.

6. Tis the Season…The Off Season: While there is at least some football on right now to occupy our minds, off-season Packers talk has already started.  One particular series from Ol’ Bag of Donuts caught my eye this week and is a great breakdown of what could be this offseason.  Can’t find much fault at all in what Chris has put down.
7. Here These Come Too: Mock Drafts, get ready for a new one every week by everyone. I think it’s too early to put together a mock as you have to see what happens with free agency, which I know just created a multitude of chuckles and sighs based on our GM. I am not sure where I would go at this point, although early indications have me leaning towards secondary with that first pick, try pick-up OL help via free agency and resign existing players for the DL. 

8. Badger Bouncers: Last couple of weeks watching the Badgers can be summed up by the word frustration.  I mean, take last Wednesday…only taking shots from behind the arc, and quick shots at that, for the first 5 minutes of the game? If there was ever a time to put your trust in Bo Ryan, now is it,  as we’ll need Ryan to coach his team up to continue the winning ways until Jon Leuer can return.

9. I’m on Board: A lot of people have been lamenting the signing of Doug Davis by the Brewers this week.  There wasn’t that much more out there and it’s better than standing pat with what the Brewers had.  I don’t see how anyone at this point can say the Brewers rotation isn’t stronger now, of course the only way to go was up.

10. Championship Predictions: Saints 35, Vikings 31 and even though I will be rooting for the Jets come Sunday I don’t think they can do it so Indy 28, Jets 17


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  • Jon

    Wally…you’ve got to start letting this Favre thing go. Brent Farve has not played for the Pack in two years…he accepted a good paying job with a competitor. The messy break up with the old flame has now passed. Revenge is a secondary benefit for the old fella…he wasn’t ready to retire and found another job. He is having some success…good for him. The Pack moved on…the train left the station. I personally hoped he would not sign with the Vikes…it has turned out better than I would have anticipated and if they lose 56-0 to the Saints it will still have been a remarkable season. Do you feel similar hostilities for Darren Sharper? Joel Pryzbilla? How about Bob Dandridge…he experienced greater success with the Washington Bullets than he ever experienced with the Bucks. Stan Van Gundy? Valerio de los Santos? OK…I am reaching now. I just hope you find peace.

  • Wally

    For the record, I am rooting against the Vikings because they are the Vikings, not because of Favre.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Jon, to equate sports and fandom with any other business venture is a flawed analogy and ignores the essence of sports. Most people don’t root for Verizon over AT&T. As a point of logic, I’m sure we could all find better uses for our time and money than to invest them in following our favorite sports franchises. Professional sports succeed primarily because of fans emotional attachment to their teams; a condition they actively exploit.

    Like Wally, I root against the Vikings because they are a rival of the Packers. Favre’s presence only adds fuel to that fire.

  • http://pocketdoppler.com Dave Kerwin

    I’m rooting for the Saints because they’ve never won a Super Bowl. Whoa excuse me, I forgot neither have the Vikings.