It is not so much that I am rooting against Brett Favre when his Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game this weekend. It’s more like I am rooting for the maintenance of his legacy as a Green Bay Packer. That’s why I will be hoping that his team loses this Sunday.

Every win — especially in the post-season — erodes the special and unique nature of what Favre did with Green Bay. I don’t want to see highlight packages after his eventual and ultimate retirement that are as much about the Vikings as they are about the 16 years he spent in Green Bay–I want those years 4 spent with the Packers to be the ones that define his career.

If he keeps on winning, throwing down another performance this weekend as epic as the ass-kicking heaped upon the Dallas Cowboys at the Metrodome this past Sunday and earning another trip to the Super Bowl, this time with a team other than the Packers, the capstone of his Hall of Fame career will be in colors other than Green and Gold. That would taint Favre’s legacy for me, perhaps beyond repair. So, yeah, I am hoping Minnesota loses this weekend. But, somehow, I think Favre prevails, winning in the same stadium where he quarterbacked the Packers to the Super Bowl XXXI Championship.

Should it play out that way, it will be very, very painful to watch.


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