A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1. Like Kissing Your Sister: Last week’s Packers game, while fun to watch, was really missing something seeing as it was for all intents and purposes irrelevant.  I was happy to see McCarthy keep the foot on the pedal though and not mail it in like the opposing coaching staff did. 

2. I’ll Say It, 3:40 Start Sucks: The 3:40pm Sunday start time for the Packers playoff game stinks, the last game of the weekend.  Not only do we have to wait the entire weekend for our game, how are you supposed to enjoy either a celebratory or depression beer at 7:30 on a Sunday night knowing that the work week looms near.   

3. A Little Scary: So it seems that everyone and their mother has the Packers picked to win on Sunday…except Vegas which has Arizona by 1.

4. Who Shows Up?  My biggest concern going into Sunday is whether or not the ’99 Kurt Warner shows up.  If he does, the Packers will be in for a long day because when that Warner is playing he is close to unbeatable.

5. A Travesty: That’s what it will be if Charles Woodson does not get the Def. Player of the Year award next week.  I’ve read all the arguments for Jets CB Revis, but Woodson just does so much more and so much better, I don’t see how it’s even close.

6. Just Funny: From CHTV , a very amusing photo montage of Aaron Rodgers as well as the explanation behind it.  Make sure to click on the ‘this link’ to see the photos after you read the post. 
7. Ugly & Scared: Only way to describe how the Badgers came out against Michigan State on Wednesday night.  Yes, the second half was a little better but only due to Jon Leuer, the rest of the team pretty much played as tentatively as they did in the first half. A win tomorrow against Purdue will make up for the loss on Wednesday but it’ll only happen if Bo unleashes his players a bit.

8. Sweet 16: Speaking of the Badgers, the 2009 Football team finished 16th in both the major polls. Not too shabby for a team with very low expectations coming into the season and capped off by a win over a higher ranked opponent in the Champs Sports Bowl. With pretty much everyone returning next year, 2010 could be pretty exciting.

9. Wild Card Weekend Picks: Bengals over Jets (Bengals weren’t even playing last week), Cowboys over Eagles (Romo gets the monkey off his back with a solid, although unspectacular game), Ravens over Patriots (a reach, but I think Ray Rice and the loss of Welker will be too much to overcome for the Patriots) and….

10.Packers Prediction: Packers 28, Cardinals 24.  The Packers just have too much going in the right direction for a letdown to happen and will head to New Orleans next week for the Divisional Round.


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    1.) In the end, each team did what it needed to do.

    2.) Any of the others would have been better.

    4.) I suppose it works the same way but I’m more concerned that the Packers’ D takes care of business.

    6.) Never a bad idea to follow in Doug Pederson’s footsteps; at least off the field.

    7.) I think sometimes the Badgers are so intent on not turning the ball over that they don’t attack the basket as they should. But credit MSU’s talent and defense for much of that.

    8.) Unfortunately, their history with high preseason expectations is checkered at best.

    9.) With you on the rest, but don’t think the Ravens have enough to get by N.E. at Gillette.