It seems Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt took exception to the way the Green Bay Packers and head coach Mike McCarthy approached last Sunday’s “meaningless” regular season finale at University of Phoenix stadium.  We all know by now that the Cardinals rested their starters for most of the game while McCarthy chose to treat it like any other game in an effort to maintain his team’s momentum going into the playoffs.  That the result was a resoundingly one-sided Packers victory should have been predictable.  But judging from Whisenhunt’s comments in the days following the game, you’d have thought the Packers committed a gross violation of some unwritten football etiquette.

Look, it’s Whisenhunt’s perogative if he wants to safeguard his player’s health in favor of the postseason.  But then he shouldn’t act all petulant when his team proceeds to get it’s ass kicked.  If Whisenhunt feels the need to resort to such childish tactics to motivate his team, maybe McCarthy was right to keep his foot on the gas.  By the sound of things, he’s already gotten under the Cardinals’ skin so there could have been a method to his ‘madness’.  Either way, it’s not up to the Packers to preserve the Cards apparently fragile collective psyche.


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  • Paul B