A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1. Ugly Isn’t a Statistic: By now everyone has read how horribly played the Monday night Packers-Ravens game was.  You know what?  Who cares because when it comes down do it, the only thing that matters is that at the end of the game the Packers score is larger than the opponents.

2. Marked Man: Tramon Williams in the coming weeks will be watched like a hawk by the referees.  While we all appreciate, and expect, physical play from the Packers secondary I hope Tramon can learn to play the ball and not the receiver better otherwise he’ll personally be giving the opposing team a first down every time he’s thrown at.

3. These Guys Are Rookies? Clay Matthews III, what else can say about him?  If it wasn’t for his former USC teammate Brian Cushing he would be a lock for Defensive Rookie of the Year.  BJ Raji is getting stronger as the season goes on, living up to the expectations from the beginning of the season and the most pleasant surprise – Brad Jones. 

4. Scared To Death: I have zero confidence any time Mason Crosby goes in for a FG attempt. My worst fear is in the play-offs, against the Vikings, the go ahead score in the waning minutes will be determined by his leg.  Think about it, you won’t sleep tonight.

5. Wow: UWGB over UW…tell the truth, with the except of the Phoenix coaching staff and players no one walking into the Resch Center on Wednesday night realistically thought that would happen.  All credit to the Phoenix though, they obviously wanted that game more and showed it on the court, can’t take that away from them.

6. Redemption Time: Marquette travels to the Kohl Center this Saturday for what is the primary in-state college basketball rivalry.  If anything, the loss to UWGB better have the Badgers in an ornery mood and ready to play.  As Mike said while we walking back to the truck after the game, “Bo will probably have them in the gym the minute they get back to Madison.” 
7. One Hit, One Miss? Brewers GM got his starting pitcher in Randy Wolf, a solid if not spectacular addition to the starting rotation.  LaTroy Hawkins though? Not so sure that move was worth the cost.  

8. Still Chuckle: That AT & T U-verse radio commercial with the Dad and his lucky couch set to the NFL theme has me laughing every time I hear it. “Have fun in the basement…duh-dunt-dunt-dah-dunt.” 

9. Looking Glass: Brandy, you’re a fine girl, what a good…oh wait, wrong looking glass.  4 games left for the Packers and I see them finishing 11-5. Chicago: W; Pittsburgh: W, which I would have never thought at the beginning of the season; Seattle: W; Arizona…struggle with this one as I wonder whether or not the Cardinals may mail this one in but I am thinking they don’t and Packers take an L in my alma mater’s stadium.

10. Packer’s Prediction: Da Bears…at the beginning of the season this game was supposed to end up being a pivotal game for the North Division crown.  Not so much anymore. Packers 21, Bears 10…you will not see a single prediction from here on out that includes a score which includes a FG.


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  • Jon

    Not a single mention of Tiger Woods…I heard he might be having some troubles.

    Tramon Williams commits a pass interference penalty every long pass play. Every one.

    Clay Mathews is the NFL rookie defensive player of the year. He is really good.

    I say Wisconsin 61 – Marquette 56.

    I don’t know if I like either the Wolf or Hawkins signing. Unfortunately…the pickings are really slim.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Re: Tiger Woods-Like Northern Ireland had some “troubles”.

    2.) The way the rules are set up now, every cornerback in the NFL commits PI on every long pass. The only ones who don’t are the ones who can’t cover.

    4.) Didn’t that already happen last year?

    5.) Props to T. Hughes for admitting they weren’t ready to play; see that it doesn’t happen again.

    7.) Unfortunately, they had to do something. Hopefully, he won’t turn out to be another Suppan; at least he’s a little cheaper.

    10.) I look forward to listening to Buffone & O’Bradovich on the Suburban Tire Post-game Show on WSCR.