A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1. A Bitter Pill: Monday night was just that but the better (playing) team won which is generally how it works out.

2. Finley Steps Up: In last week’s ‘The Week That Was’ I mentioned Packers TE Jermichael Finley and the possibility of a potential break-out game for him.  Finley had just that and was one of the few bright spots in that debacle.

3. Good D, Bad D: The Packers run defense did what no one thought it could do, contain Adrian Pedersen.  Was really sort of amazing.  What was also amazing was how poor the pass defense was, just pathetic and embarrassing, especially considering who was under center for Minnesota. All I heard leading up to this was how the Packers needed to contain Peterson and then make Favre beat them…well, that’s exactly what they did.

4. It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over: 2-2 does not make a season and while I lamented the early bye week when I saw the schedule initially, it actually came at the perfect time. 

5. Having Said That: My faith is wavering in Thompson and a lesser extent McCarthy.  I have been firmly in their camp when it comes to pretty much everything but I will say this, should this season result in not making the play-offs and/or a less than .500 record I may join those sharpening their pitchforks and readying their torches for a march to Lambeau after the season.

6. Best Read All Week: Amongst all the game breakdowns, calls for Thompson and McCarthy’s firing and other hubris about the Monday night game I found this gem on The Daily Drink .  The author of Statis-Stix nails this chosen topic wonderfully.  
7. Good Point: C.D. Angeli, much to the chagrin of my Green & Gold heart, brings up some good points on the potential/eminent signing of Mark Tauscher .  I’ve been calling for Tauscher to be called in since Week 2 of the season but is this really just a move by Thompson to appease fans and say “See?  I’m addressing our needs.”  See what you did here C.D.?  The one area of my life where I try to keep cynicism at bay has now been breached, damn you for making me think.  ;-) 

8. I Don’t Care for the NBA But… : I really like watching college hoops but really don’t pay attention at all to the NBA.  That being said, for some reason I actually seem to find myself looking forward to the Bucks season this year and I really can’t put my finger on why.  Maybe it’s because Redd will be back and Bogut may be healthy, maybe because rookie Brandon Jennings may not suck or is it really because Bango Buck has completed rehab and is back for the season .  Hmmm, prolly Bango Buck.

9. Badger’s Best Guess: Impressive road win last week, one to which deep down when I made my pick I will acknowledge I did so as a homer.  I just couldn’t bear to see Bucky lose to Minnesota so chose to live in a world where they didn’t, actually worked out for once. Tomorrow against Ohio State though I just can’t ignore the facts, I hope this is wrong but I think the Badgers change that 0 in the L column to a 1 – Buckeyes 37, Badgers 17

10. Packer’s Prediction: Obviously the Bye week here so no game.  At the start of the season, I predicted a 12-4 season for the Packers which I really can’t stand by now.  Am making my Bye week season prediction now which will be 14-2….can’t even type that with a straight face.  Revised 2009 Packers (Bye Week) Season Prediction: 10-6, Wild Card.


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    1.) Minnesota didn’t just play better Monday night, man on man they are more talented overall. The only exceptions would be at wide receiver and, ironically, at quarterback.

    5.) If things continue on pace, you’ll have lots of company.

    6.) I agree. If TT is going to take the fall, the perception among many “fans” will be that it’s the result of his treatment of Favre. The reality will be that he failed to put enough around Rodgers (literally, in the form of RBs and OLs) to allow them to succeed.

    7.)Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but I have to disagree with Angeli. I see Tauscher as their best bet ‘for right now’. Details to follow in another post.

    8.) That’s funny. I was more optimistic last season when I thought GM Hammond was going to emulate the Detroit model by building around a number of very good players and stressing defense. Now it looks like they’re once again in rebuilding mode that I anticipate will be just another dead end.
    They traded away the heart of the team in RJ. It’s pretty clear already that they made a mistake with the drafting of Joe Alexander last season and this year they draft another undersized point guard that, no matter how well he does running the team, will be vulnerable on defense. Bogut has battled back problems his entire career with the Bucks and will probably be ineffective or gone by the time they put a team around him, if indeed that ever happens.
    I see the Bucks well south of 35 wins this year and the future could look even worse.
    (Maybe I should’ve saved this for a blog post.)

    9.) I, too, see the Badgers losing to OSU but I believe it will be a close game. Partly because they usually play well against them but mostly because I don’t think the Buckeyes are as good as advertised.

    10.) Wally, you’re optimism is showing through with your first and your revised predictions. I would have thought 10-6 initially, but now I think .500 is in jeopardy unless they stabilize their OL almost immediately.

  • http://www.retaggr.com/page/crichar3 Chris

    2. Finley was great, but MN has had trouble guarding the TE all season. Let’s see what 88 does going forward.

    3. I think the Pack sold out to stop Peterson and decided to let Favre beat them…and he did. I agree with those who said they failed to adjust defensively (i.e. blitz more) because they feared that Peterson would gouge their eyes out if they did. Bottom line: GB’s is not a well-rounded defensive unit and probably won’t be until they have had a season or two under this scheme.

    4. It may be a cliche, but this bye does come at a perfect time. Now, had they beaten MN, I might think otherwise.

    5. I am not souring on McCarthy at this point, but I am wavering on Ted. This is year five of his administration and they have had one playoff appearance. While that is not good, what is more discouraging to me is the failure in putting together a competent OL.

    6. BSM is spot on with his observation on this point. Yet another reason why he’s the best Packers commentator on the Internet. (By the way, “Statis-Stix” is a regular contributor to the Brewers forum on SportsBubbler. His away-from-the-moment commentary can be quite good, but his remarks during in-game threads are posted from the lunatic fringe.)

    7. Regardless of the reason, GB had little choice than to tab Tauscher.

    8. I am with Wally when it comes to the NBA v. college roundball. But I side with BSM when it comes to the Bucks — I don’t see how this team will contend for anything but another lottery pick.

    9. Sharp teeth and razor-like claws will not keep Bucky from a smackdown in Columbus. I don’t expect it to be close.

    10. On Packers Therapy I rolled out with a 9-7 playoff-less season for GB. I am sticking with that, at least for now.