The Badger pigskin crew, fresh off an impressive win at Minnesota which allowed Paul Bunyan’s Axe to remain in Madison, remain unranked in the AP Top 25. Perfect. The Badgers have shown time and again that they do not handle success and positive press well. The “no respect” card will be played often this week as they prepare to play Ohio State.

The running game returned last week. Chris Borland and Mike Taylor are the two most exciting freshmen Badger defensive players since LaMarck Shackleford. The quarterback play wasn’t perfect, but it was still better than your regular Badger quarterback play. The run defense was pretty good. The pass defense and special teams play were awful. In summary, there is much to like about the Badgers and, even better, there is plenty of room for improvement.

At the beginning of the season, any Badger fan would have been delighted with winning two of three against Michigan State, Minnesota, and Ohio State. The time has come to get greedy. After two impressive wins, Wisconsin has the opportunity to make a national statement with a win at the Horseshoe. Beating Ohio State is unlikely. Wisconsin struggles against running quarterbacks, and Pryor is perhaps the best in the country running with the football. The winning recipe? Clay with 150 rushing yards, the Badger offense with no more than one turnover, and a punt return for a touchdown from David Gilreath. Possible, but unlikely. Ohio State 24, Wisconsin 16.


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  • BigSnakeMan

    Last Saturday’s game was the first time John Clay began to deliver on his considerable promise. A repeat performance in Columbus would go a long way for the Badgers.