A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1. Now This Feels More Like It: Last week was great having NFL football and back but this weekend will be when it really settles in with none of this Thursday night nonsense or two games on Monday.  That and a regular ole’ noon Packers Game.

2. Bye-Bye J.J.: If there was any doubt that J.J. Hardy will still be a Brewer next year, the play of Alcides Escobar is removing that doubt.  The only reason to play Hardy at this point anymore is to just showcase him as trade bait.

3. Won’t Go There Yet: Mike has been referring to the Badgers during our weekly Facebook/Text conversation during the game as the BADgers with some regularity.  I’m not ready to go there yet, even after the Fresno State game.  At the very least last week’s game was exciting at the end.

4. Wofford?  Really?: I have a feeling I mentioned this before but seriously, the team that is scheduled right before the Big Ten schedule starts is Wofford?  I understand the whole “pre-season” mentality that most programs have in scheduling for the first 2-3 games of the season but I just don’t see how this is a good call before the “real” season starts.  Could have scheduled Ashwaubenon or Bay Port if you’re going to schedule Wofford.

5. Who Didn’t Play on Defense on Sunday Night?: Perhaps the coolest thing I saw on Sunday is how the Green Bay Defense seemed to have different personnel on almost every play.  I mean, on that great jump over the defender sack that Chillar had, I didn’t know he was on the field.  Tramon Williams creeping in for a blitz…where did he come from? It’s most likely because I have been conditioned the past few years to seeing the same defensive unit out there all the time doing the same thing (not making plays) all the time.  Quite refreshing.

6. So There!: I heard groans of disbelief when I announced I was keeping Matt Ryan & Greg Jennings during our fantasy football draft. I felt somewhat vindicated this weekend (21 & 18 pts respectively last week), hope that holds through the season.

7. Rabble Rouse-er: With Atari Bigby out, Aaron Rouse will get the start at strong safety this weekend.  I like this for a number of reasons among them being I have always been a Rouse fan and I’ve liked what I have seen when he’s been on the field and Bigby has been nothing special of late.  These next few weeks may very well be Rouse’s true audition to keep that starting job.

8. Wagging Tongues: Ochocinco being Ochocinco stirring up the hype saying if he scores a TD on Sunday he’ll do a Lambeau Leap…out of respect.  Can’t remember where I saw it, be it a poll or a tweet, but the question was posed what should Packer fans do if this happens? The choices were:  Beer bath, Toss him back on the field, Body surf him up to the top of the bowl and toss him off the top. 

9. Claymation: John Clay has the #1 Running Back spot for tomorrow’s game.  If Clay wants to keep it he had better rack up at least 100 yds and 2 scores.

10. Packer’s Prediction: 31-7 Packers (Rodgers 3 TD passes, Jennings 1 TD, Finley 2 TD, Grant 1 TD, Crosby 1 FG)


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    3.) It’s part of my ongoing campaign to get UW a head man who can either coach or recruit; preferably both.

  • Jon

    The Michigan State game will tell the tale for UW. I like the QB, I like Schofield and Maragos, I like CLay and Toon. Lots of question marks everywhere else.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Let’s hope it won’t be Wofford that tells the tale. I still get Cal-Poly flashbacks.