A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1. It’s Burning Down There: While I may despise Jarred Allen on the field, off the field he’s always a good sound bite.  When asked about the “schism” in the Vikings locker room, Allen had this to say “I don’t know where this came from. Like I said, I don’t think anybody on this team knows what schism is, let alone could use it in a sentence. I thought it was an STD when I first heard it. And I was like whoa, we preach abstinence around these parts.”

2. Stud: In the few snaps BJ Raji played last Saturday I thought he was pretty impressive.  Looking forward to tonight to see what he can do with a full week of practice under his belt.

3. Bigger Stud: Tyrell Sutton is pretty gosh darn fun to watch. Granted he’s been in mostly when it’s been 2nd & 3rd team opposing team defenses but he’s running through them like butter.  Supposedly tonight against the Cardinals he’ll get some first team looks which are well deserved.

4. Biggest Stud: Dom Capers. With a grain of salt, or two that are Buffalo and Cleveland, hasn’t the Packers new 3-4 defense looked simply awesome?  Tonight, as with the above two mentions, will be the real indicator though as they go up against a potent offense in the Cardinals for a quarter or two.

5. Definitely Not A Stud: As I tweeted last Saturday during the game, Brian Brohm just looks scared when he is out there.  Thompson really, really needs to swallow his pride here and if there is a viable veteran back-up QB around or available once the roster cuts start he needs to pick that person up and then part ways with Brohm.

6. Buck Stops Here: Current ILB/Buck position depth chart: AJ Hawk, Desmond Bishop. If that is not reversed by the time the season starts something is wrong.

7. Huh?: I have no idea what the purpose of this Pitino press conference was.  He should have listened to his attorney, the school and the authorities and kept quiet.  But then again, I guess he is a proud New Yorker so maybe that is why.

8. Speechless: ” I have a goat in my trunk

9. Surprisingly Entertaining: Tuesday night I ended up watching Shaq Vs as I just couldn’t take the Brewers anymore, and he was challenging Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in beach volleyball. It was actually not sucky and the big bonus, Charissa Thompson is the “sideline” reporter! 

10. Obligatory Brewers Mention:  This at least to me makes a lot of sense , as much as I may not like it.


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  • Chris

    I understand why Brohm looks scared on the field. Hell, I panic every time I see him out there, too.