So Anne, my life partner/common law wife if we lived in Iowa/person who puts up with me on a daily basis, just got back from shopping at Kohl’s.  Anne, as she was walking to the checkouts, passes a women and her sons doing some school shopping.  These people were standing in front of some Favre Viking jerseys and the son asked “Mom, look a new Favre jersey, can I get this for school?”  The Mom’s response was “For the last time, you are a Packer fan, not a Favre fan.”

I don’t know who this woman is but wherever she is, she deserves a hug.


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  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    My Cali Packer fan pal has been forwarding me postings from eBay, helping me select the new shirt I’m picking up for the Vikings game. My husband, the Seinfeld fan, likes “No Cheese 4 you!”, but I’m leaning toward “Packer 4-ever (until a better offer comes along)”. An Aaron Rodgers jersey will be heading this way shortly as well.